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relieved after scary moments for the German food stall owner

..back on course to run the London Marathon to raise funds for Action Medical Research, a charity helping to prevent disability in children

Stefan Schenkelberg, the boss, who is to run the London Marathon in three-weeks-time, suffered from an elbow injury for about 10 days.

marathon runner Stefan Schenkelberg

Yesterday, he noticed that although the pain of the elbow was less the arm developed bruises all over. An appointment with the GP was made to attend that same day during the evening  emergency surgery.

A local pharmacist inspected the arm and appeared to have been shocked what he saw. His immediate reaction was: „whow, it looks like your arm has become infected.“

The owner was very grateful when the doctor at Parkview Surgery gave him the all-clear. He checked his blood pressure and said: „Mr. Schenkelberg, you are disgustingly healthy“