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Gourmet Express Food

They are not a British burger van type business and they won’t ever be.

Their mission is to bring German food and German culture to England! They call themselves Gourmet Express Mobile Catering and not Gourmet Fast Food Mobile Catering.

People think about fast food when they see a food stall and they measure everything by the same yardstick. For over three years they have been perceived as a fast food stall establishment and people (not them!) tried to position their stall on a level playing field with burger vans serving British food including of course British Gourmet burgers. They were ill-advised!

the stall and people
people’s perception












It’s not working that way.
Certainly, for the Schenkelberg family, this has been a nightmare scenario. Gian Schenkelberg explains this as follows: „We lost business opportunities because people


      • don’t know enough about German cuisine
      • were unable to understand why we charge slightly more than the burger van next door.
      • were unable to understand why we won’t serve them as fast as the fast food vendors, e.g. the burger van business“

Unfortunately for the business couple from North London, German cuisine is not as familiar for the majority of people in England as e.g. Chinese, Italian, Greek cuisine or even Halal food.  It takes them an awful long time to market their food.

This should now all change for the Schenkelberg family. They have redressed their crowd pulling Coca Cola Can Shaped food trailer (see the compiled picture gallery of the new banner as shown below). Their brand name is now most prominently positioned on top of their ‚tin’… they can read in big letters  G O U R M E T  E X P R E S S  M O B I L E  C A T E R I N G. The new banner measures 7.0 meters by 0.80 meters and covers almost a third of the  ‚can‘.



new banner
German Gourmet Express Food