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The comeback

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill trailer has left the United Kingdom to find better conditions in Germany.

The owner couple and their son, Trevor, targeted a popular tourist destination area in Lower Saxony, the Harz region where they spent over four weeks in a holiday home in order to test the market…according to their plans. But it turned out different.

Everything started promising for the business couple and they set up their food truck in the city center of Goslar. It was a sunny warm day on a Tuesday in the first week of September.

Curious people passed by early in the morning and asked when they open. The can in its chosen design revealed their offers. Anyway, the ‚can‘ was an eye sore the minute they arrived at the Jakobihofplatz. They hadn’t, at that point, not even opened the serving latches.

It was the lunch trade they prepared for.

Speisekarte Jakobihofplatz
lunch menu, Goslar Jakobihofplatz

Freshly air-fryed cooked Bratwurst and Vegetarian Frankfurters were the favorites that day.

Day 2 of the 16 test days they invisited started the following day (wednesday) this time away from the city center in a rural area two miles up the road where they held their weekly farmers market.

The business couple was eager to continue just as they always did in e.g. Aylesbury/ Buckinghamshire on a very similar market place.

However, this time, the German bureaucracy prevented them from continuing. ‚It felt like becoming bewitched when we learnt about required additional formalities in relation to our license to serve on markets. We found ourselves warmly welcomed by the manager of the licensing department and it felt like they didn’t want to let us go! Our plans were going through the roof at that point as we firmly believed in failure shouldn’t we manage to complete the market testing with satisfying trading results and after 16 days on markets within an initial period of 30 days. We were bewitched as people seem to commonly become in the land of the witches.‘ Stefan Schenkelberg explained with a grin on his face.

picture of Lichterfest, Altenau
Lichterfest, Altenau

They have been a bit over ambitious one would say. Running a business from a holiday flat was a bit of a challenge. So they relaxed and enjoyed to spend time in the Harz whilst a permanent home for them away from the holiday accommodation was to be located.

To keep fit they enjoyed regular jogging sessions through the forest along beautiful lakes and historic places.

picture of the Oberharz Germany
600m above sea level, the forest near Altenau, Oberharz, Lower Saxony, Germany

By the third week in September eventually the Schenkelberg family found a new home from were they had to begin again to apply for the license for their mobile food business.

They have now found the support they need to grow the mobile food venture and their revised business plan is now with an accountant for an appraisal. Bearing in mind, we are no longer living in the United Kingdom and are subject to extensive bureaucratic procedures that could last for months rather then weeks.

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