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price structure refined

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering re-visited their policies on Rainer’s Bavarian price structure. As a result they will shift from location-based to uniform pricing and end low-price policies for certain London markets, raising prices on the Walthamstow market to match with the Cabbages & Frocks Market in Marylebone.

quality before quantity
quality before quantity
the stall
Wurst means quality, in Germany that is..

How customers respond to the price and discount changes is an open question. In August, the company started their new operation on the Cabbages & Frocks market. Customers responded well to the prices and the services, and the different prices on Walthamstow market was no longer to be justified.

new menu prices

„We are not competing with other food outlets as we offer luxury at our stall. For the privilege of this we feel we can no longer afford to sell our high quality food cheaply. It’s the service that matters and Gourmet Express Mobile Catering certainly has adapted a high standard for a street food vendor.“ Stefan Schenkelberg explains.

customer picture
customers at Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

In addition our business has been aiming for the last month to offer services to local businesses and their lunch time needs. The proper ‚vehicle‘ to introduce a lunch time delivery service is yet to be decided. Just East, as the online food order service, is certainly one of their vehicles to chose from. A survey aimed to establish the viability of serving businesses around London Liverpool Street will be conducted in September. Because Rainer’s Bavarian Grill is situated in London Walthamstow they are in the centre of a perfect public transport sytem to be able to deliver their services even as far away as Liverpool Street Station. They are confident that their market research will prove that the inclusion of offices to target as far as Liverpool Street area is a most profitable solution to grow Rainer’s Bavarian Grill.

Marylebone trading
Marylebone trade
Bavarian themed
Bavarian themed

Changes will take effect from the 1st of September 2016.

The Business Development Team @Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

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Gourmet Express Mobile Catering remains mobile..

A massive thank you to all who supported our market research for

Rainer's Bavarian Grillin the ‚covered‘ market area of Nags Head Market, 22 Seven Sisters Road, Holloway N7 9AG. We did as we said we would do and moved into the market

Gourmet Express M C moved into Londonto continue with our extensive research. In the end, sadly, we realized that it didn’t work out for us. Yes, the overheads were low but the real question was simple and directly related to the location: „What can we learn about how the poor engage with trade?“ This place wasn’t meant to be for a German food take away shop to grow.

Moving on, we are now focused on the development of our festival trade.


I can reassure our customers: There will be a delivery service for Potters Bar and the London N area and we will liaise with JustEat as a partner to help us with the marketing. Our business benefits from a computerized postcode
system.  For you, this means you can order your #Brats from us 1-2-3 click here

…stay tune.

With warm regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg


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Crowdfunding for amateurs

30/6/2015 Project cancelled

from the desk of the CEO


After the death of an advocate for our mobile food cart venture our business struggled. We were looking at many options for funding. Then we came across, an American organization to help creative projects by providing an online platform for backers for them to support these projects by donations.

Tribute to Rainer
Tribute to Rainer

Crowdfunding lets you raise funds without sacrificing ownership or having to face relatives across the table at holidays, or needing to promise a return besides a free sample of your product or some other ‚reward.‘
It’s a bit like being in a kindergarten and doing a presentation for the children to understand. Yet, we thought, if that is our only option we will give it a go.
We knew it has, without any doubt, drawbacks:

It just makes it too easy to kid yourself
The projects work for many young would-be entrepreneurs, those that have not got into the rhythm of writing business plans or put into crafting mission statements and forecasting sales and determining costs.
It’s really like going back in time when you went to college – you put in the effort to show what you’re capable of.

It’s a lazy way of finding capital for your projects.

Investors will hesitate investing in a crowdfunded company. Is this true?

I think I know the answer here:
Do these companies really perform? How can they have the financial experiences if they haven’t got the qualifications nor the ability to write a business plan? I personally wouldn’t donate a penny to these projects as an entrepreneur.
Realizing your dream as an entrepreneur is hard. Crowdfunding sites, in my opinion, distort the dream. If funds are granted, it can help supplement other sources of money and help you try out a product, but the true test of a business is what happens next, after the funding is done. And that’s when you’ll need the discipline,  expertise and sense of urgency that comes putting your own money at risk or that of serious investors who expect a real return.

For us it was out of desperation because of other issues, interfering with traditional funding options, issues we were for a long time completely unaware of. When we found ourselves declined for funding we were never told about the reasons….so we thought: „That’s odd, no public debtor record hold any negative reports on us! We have provided a most complex and striking business and marketing plan, yet we get declined for reasons we don’t really understand. On our path we value fellow humans who are honest with us and say directly to our face what they find good, what they find bad and what they criticize when they decline funding applications.“


As concerning the future for Camden Bratwurst Pillar Limited we have now found ways to grow our business following the issues concerning Coca Cola Enterprises.

Warm regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg

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our brand new look

new gatepage, Rainer's Bavarian Grill pic
new gatepage, Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

We’re beyond excited that our full content based, brand new website is now life!

The result of the new design (we believe!) is a clean, simple and most powerful look and feel using a user friendly-interface. 

We love that we’ve bucket the common design trends in the food industry and made a choice to stand out rather than blend in. And most importantly, we’ve kept our design values of bold, positive and simple at the centre throughout the entire process.

By taking a minimalist approach, we’ve been able to create a unique look that sits well with our products and serves as a good brand recognition booster. Having said that we have re-branded the name of our food stall as a tribute to the owner’s loss of his much loved brother Rainer recently.  Rainer’s Bavarian Grill will from now on be the theme of our mobile food business and you will soon see a transformation of our ‚can‘ to reflect the changes.

This might sound crazy, but one of the things we love the most about the new emerging website is the challenge to develop parts of it as we go along. Stefan Schenkelberg is currently putting all efforts into the task of taking our small business to the next level.

The healthy approach to cooking does make a difference; The design shows prominent images of an incredible business couple from Germany, whose lives have been changed through the help of the Brits that have faithfully purchased our products to spoil their taste buds. We can’t wait to keep changing more lives as the serving of our food products from Germany keep ticking.

So now we’ve told you what we think of the new webdesign so far. We want to hear what you think! Take a look and scroll through the pages and please leave a comment.

Have a lovely weekend!

Warm wishes and Guten Appetit from all of us here at Rainer’s Bavarian Grill