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pay the price for not delivering

People are fast to judge others. Especially losers, those that have never even tried to raise funds for charities.

We as a company look at the achievements of our fundraising when we evaluate the activities we have been engaging in and the effort to put into those to raise funds for our charity of the year.

Stefan, our boss, did his bid to raise as much as he could as an individual. It is now up to the company to add more funds into the ‚pot’… funds that are needed to support Action Medical Research. With your help we will not fail to succeed.

Stefan's run
Stefan did run the London Marathon 2014 in aid for his brother.
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Marathon for his brother

Our boss was in the news (Welwyn Hatfield Times Potters Bar Edition 2nd April 2014)

The Welwyn Hatfield Times picked up the news that Stefan is running the London Marathon to raise funds for disabled children. I was a tough choice for him to make in economic difficult times but he was eager to run as he felt a great deal about his brother, now aged 53, who has suffered a great deal more than anybody can imagine since his birth. Stefan’s appeal: „Please help me reach my fundraising target. It’s all going to a great cause. See you at the ‚can‘ for a bratwurst.“

Marathon Man Running For His Brother

newspaper article, Welwyn Hatfield Times
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relieved after scary moments for the German food stall owner

..back on course to run the London Marathon to raise funds for Action Medical Research, a charity helping to prevent disability in children

Stefan Schenkelberg, the boss, who is to run the London Marathon in three-weeks-time, suffered from an elbow injury for about 10 days.

marathon runner Stefan Schenkelberg

Yesterday, he noticed that although the pain of the elbow was less the arm developed bruises all over. An appointment with the GP was made to attend that same day during the evening  emergency surgery.

A local pharmacist inspected the arm and appeared to have been shocked what he saw. His immediate reaction was: „whow, it looks like your arm has become infected.“

The owner was very grateful when the doctor at Parkview Surgery gave him the all-clear. He checked his blood pressure and said: „Mr. Schenkelberg, you are disgustingly healthy“


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Potters Bar Central


Stefan Schenkelberg, owner of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s food stalls, will run the Virgin London Marathon this year to raise hundreds of pounds for the firm’s charity of the year, Action Medical Research. The run with expected to be over 30.000 participates will be on 13th April 2014.

Stefan is dedicating his efforts to his brother; His 53 year old brother Rainer, a highly intelligent person, suffered brain damage and is paralyzed from birth (he cannot speak nor walk). He is being cared for 24/7 since by the mother.

„The pain I will endure in training 4-6 days a week plus the race itself, will be worth it to raise some money that will assist in providing the funds for further research to hopefully reduce the number of sick and disabled babies and children. Action Medical Research do fantastic work and I am pleased to run on their behalf.“

He has  just over 10 weeks left for the big run:

Action Medical Research profile page
raising monies for Action Medical Research

If you wish to sponsor Stefan you can do so via the Action Medical Research website? He feels absolutely thrilled to run for the marathon this year and pledged to raise £1000 for the charity. When he was asked if he feels he should involve his business to donate to the charity he answered: „Hope I don’t have to shackle myself to the ‚can‘ and tow it behind me on the run …“ On a more serious note the boss added: „We will be looking for PR to be able to organize fund raising events. The more monies can be made available to Action Medical Research the better! This is a worthwhile cause“

Stefan building up fitness for the great run
preparation for London marathon by Stefan Schenkelberg

Stefan is not resting on his laurels waiting to attend the marathon. Far from that. In order to run a marathon of 42.196 km (42 km and 196m) your fitness is paramount. Without being 100% fit on the day of the run you will most certainly fail to complete. „I am running for some years now but this year it will be a big test on my physical strength and a great challenge.“ He began this morning with a 14.4 km run, a distance which he will gradually increase during the course of the next 10 weeks.

„Will you help me reach my target? Just one breakthrough, however small, can mean the world. To make a donation and to learn more: Click here to enter my personal profile on Action Medical Research’s website.“



++++ BREAKING NEWS: Huge blow for ‚can‘ read on ++++++++++++++++++++

The ‚can‘ has found a new home. Right smack bum in the centre of Potters Bar the German street food restaurant has opened it’s doors to the public:

German food wagon in London
the Giant Coke can, night shot in Potters Bar

To find out more about the location, the businesses around the ‚can‘ visit the VIP Business Directory where a featured article can be found, go here Business there is gradually picking up and more and more people become aware of us. Yet, we are currently not in a position to say that we have completed our homework; we will have a mailshot with our new menu card coming up. The design is about to be completed and will be submitted to the printers shortly.


We are planning currently a special event for Monday the 3rd of March 2014. The Grand Opening Celebration of the ‚can‘ in Potters Bar Centre.. All are invited!