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price structure refined

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering re-visited their policies on Rainer’s Bavarian price structure. As a result they will shift from location-based to uniform pricing and end low-price policies for certain London markets, raising prices on the Walthamstow market to match with the Cabbages & Frocks Market in Marylebone.

quality before quantity
quality before quantity
the stall
Wurst means quality, in Germany that is..

How customers respond to the price and discount changes is an open question. In August, the company started their new operation on the Cabbages & Frocks market. Customers responded well to the prices and the services, and the different prices on Walthamstow market was no longer to be justified.

new menu prices

„We are not competing with other food outlets as we offer luxury at our stall. For the privilege of this we feel we can no longer afford to sell our high quality food cheaply. It’s the service that matters and Gourmet Express Mobile Catering certainly has adapted a high standard for a street food vendor.“ Stefan Schenkelberg explains.

customer picture
customers at Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

In addition our business has been aiming for the last month to offer services to local businesses and their lunch time needs. The proper ‚vehicle‘ to introduce a lunch time delivery service is yet to be decided. Just East, as the online food order service, is certainly one of their vehicles to chose from. A survey aimed to establish the viability of serving businesses around London Liverpool Street will be conducted in September. Because Rainer’s Bavarian Grill is situated in London Walthamstow they are in the centre of a perfect public transport sytem to be able to deliver their services even as far away as Liverpool Street Station. They are confident that their market research will prove that the inclusion of offices to target as far as Liverpool Street area is a most profitable solution to grow Rainer’s Bavarian Grill.

Marylebone trading
Marylebone trade
Bavarian themed
Bavarian themed

Changes will take effect from the 1st of September 2016.

The Business Development Team @Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

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Anticipation is running high about the prospect of having a pitch at one of the most prominent locations in London for our crowd pulling Giant Can.


Our pastry and confectionery product section for the mobile coffee shop will be nicely complemented by the addition of the very finest of traditionally baked German pretzels.

salty pretzel


People in Germany love Laugenbretzel, perfectly shaped salty pretzels…just masterfully grafted confectionery i.e, mouthwateringly yummy

Surely, the unique Ditsch recipe will make the soft pretzel the highlight of our range of home-made pastry and confectionery products.

Guten Appetit!






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Sausages and more..

At Gourmet Express Mobile Catering we take great pride in the quality of our products. We are fully-dedicated to providing the perceived service of a gourmet fast food provider and high-quality products customers have come to value.

picture of air fryer
standard sized Rostbratwurst (GB)

The price of our Bratwurst in a roll is reasonable. We haven’t changed our price for this exquisite food item for two years. Prices in the U.K. vary; Some charge for a Thuringer Rostbratwurst, 15 to 20 cm long, significantly more.

We source the products for our stall from trusted sources but have a disadvantage when we compare e.g. burger stalls that sell  British burgers. They source their burgers locally either from butchers or  purchase them in bulk from the cash and carry wholesale. The Bratwurst is not yet adopted as widely as the burgers are hence finding wholesalers for this specific German meat product proves difficult in the U.K.. However, being one of the only street food providers using modern air frying technique as supposed to the popular deep frying option, the food products we serve contains a very significant reduction in fat content.. see more  Therefore any arguments made about our food not reaching the healthy standards set by traders sourcing their meat directly from butchers, pig farms etc can be trashed.



pic of food stall at Tesco Car Park
Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s German food stall serving on a Tesco car park

Our mission is to conquer the market with meaty German sausages renowned worldwide to be of highest quality. Although operating in a niche market we do not intend to limit our target audience. Everybody who eats meat is a potential customer! Having said this, gaining this rather prominent trading pitch in front of a superstore has some huge advantages for our strategy to grow the business. Our plan to import our meat products directly from Germany will certainly give us a competitive edge for the future. However, without the sales volume in place any such plans would  negatively impact our bottom line.


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Any idea of the choice of food for Christmas?

It’s only 89 days left til Xmas. Time to think about how you treat yourself during the festivities. Well what about this? „From my early childhood this was one of the dishes we enjoyed most, the knuckle of pork .“ words from Stefan Schenkelberg,  founder of Gourmet Express M C.  We have a treat for you; for £5.80 you will get the cooked knuckle of pork (Schweinshaxe) with chips and sauerkraut:

picture of pork knuckle meal To pre-order, go here: Please leave the product fields empty for this meal.

Guten Appetit!


Stefan Schenkelberg



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traditional Bratwurst classic style

Here we are. having spent almost 30 months of service and our Bratwurst emerged to be the top favorite food we offered. It’s the plain sausage they are looking for, but the sausage has to have the distinctive taste, the spicy taste of a sizzling German Bratwurst. It has for this reason become unthinkable for us to go out serving with

picture of Bratwurst menu delight
Bratwurst and roast potatoes with Sauerkraut, onions and mustard

the ‚coke can‘ without the famous pork delight onboard.

This week we have our
„Week of Specials“Get yourself the Bratwurst classic style meal for only £4.50! and best of all, we don’t charge for delivery if you live in Braintree.



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German rollmops.. tasty hangover cure and food to cheer you up

 Rollmops is a German dish which mainly consists of the herring fish. It is a good hangover remedy and is tasty too. It is a pickled version of herring and is usually served with sour cream and onions.

You can tell I’m German. I love currywurst, Schnitzel is my favourite meat and I never say no to Bockwurst, especially the ones that when you bite in it feel like you eat crispy food. But the real clincher is how much I heart herring. I adore them with chips, but nothing tops the rollmop. Shiny silver herring soused with onion, spices and cucumber in a tiger bread roll?

picture of rollmops
the rollmops

To me it’s a treat of such delight, I’d be more likely to pick up some pickled fish than chocolate if I wanted to cheer myself up… Gourmet Express M C offers now Rollmops as an addition to their menu.

This dish was popular in 19th century Germany. Historical sources claim that Berlin was renowned for producing the best rollmops during that period. Their popularity has reportedly spread to many countries around the world and this dish continues to be enjoyed today.

Guten Appetit!

Stefan Schenkelberg
founder, Gourmet Express M C

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Hot Diggity Dog! Buck’s best Haute Dogs

Sure, a grilled dog on a bun with a squirt of mustard is a satisfying summer snack.

German pork sausage
bratwurst with mustard


But why settle for a simple Bratwurst when you can have one cut up into pieces with chips…. talking about Currywurst with Chips and tomato sauce and mayonnaise over the chips with Gourmet Express Mobile Catering?


We are taking hot dogs to a whole new level. Time to take a bite of the latest and greatest Currywurst with Pommes (chips)!


currywurst meal
currywurst meal