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To Whom It May Concern

Dear Friends!

Today I feel I should take the unprecedented step of a small business owner with strong ties to my ‘homeland GB for 18 years.’ Here is my personal support suggestion to the UK Government. Let your people decide before you continue with the mess:

Do you agree or disagree that ‚there has been enough clarification
since the first referendum that there should be a second Referendum
which includes an option to disallow a No-Deal agreement‘?

I learnt from a variety of polls recently conducted by that there is an overwhelming majority of people that think “politicians are not in touch with the mood of the country.” There is only one solution and I agree as much as I hate the Labour Leader: He makes a good point when he states the reason for his refusal to meet with Mrs May. Mrs May’s cross party decision to discuss matters with opposition leaders now seems to be in shambles. My friends in England are fed up by the brinkmanship attitude of the Government.

There are far too many lobbyists of the big corporations, those that don’t see consequences for the ordinary people YOU and ME. The process of dealing with the people’s vote on Brexit back in 2016 is most important and the people that voted against “Staying in the European Union” should have the option to consider the Government catastrophic approach that has led to the worst voting result in the history of the UK Government on crucial matters. The following question should be put to the people of the United Kingdom and I am TODAY absolutely in favour of another referendum. In fact my prediction would be a swing of the original poll outcome (where they put the question wrong: ‚Do you agree or disagree that ‘there should be a second Referendum which includes an option to stay in the EU’?‘) as shown here. :

I HAVE CURRENTLY TIME TO FOCUS ON MATTERS OF INTEREST. WHY? Whilst waiting for funding to develop Rainer’s Bavarian Grill no Oil concept to start hiring the gastronomical part of a state-owned property of a spa resort here high up in the Northern Germany’s Oberharz Region I am mostly concerned about what’s going on in our former homeland of the United Kingdom. I am very much worried and yes even distressed to learn about the recent results from the as the UK Parliament called it “meaningful vote” on the Brexit agreement that has been endorsed by the EU Commission in Brussels. It was a resounding NO by a large majority of MP’s. The Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, filed a motion of No-Confidence in the Government and he was defeated by just 19 votes. The whole of the ‘opposition bench’ has voted against Mrs. May’s Brexit agreement.

I am watching ‘from the distance’ the developments and I must say I feel people getting increasingly alarmed about the lack of progress that will, if the pace doesn’t pick up, eventually end up in a NO-DEAL.

As explained, there is not much to do for us, a street food operator and event organizer, at present whilst funding authorities are trying to scrutinize the figures of our business plan. We have only taken on the opportunity of considering the rental agreement that was offered to us by the Mayor of the City with the Kurhaus and we promised to consider their proposal seriously. The Mayor must have considered for himself why such seasonal business proposal should be offered to us and in terms of the potential of the area he was in our opinion absolutely right to do so.

Let me say this to my many friends and supporters in England: We will eventually come back to your land once the conditions for us become right. Your land deserves fun and excitement and we will make sure that you have Oktoberfest spirited people speaking your language and standing behind your country in respect and admiration. To the people that hate our post and initiatives please ignore and don’t react as we do not allow your comments!

Our Poll. As we are working on a small business venture we don’t have the lobby behind us to make a serious impact. It is not much I can offer to you but it may help if I give you the opportunity to vote here on our pages. So please share this as often as you can..the more we can highlight these issues the better will be the outcome for the British people YOU I hope.

Warm regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg MBA
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill and Oktoberfest Food and Fun