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Why the 30-day-delay?

Kaputt. Rainer’s Bavarian Grill without Oil is the issue. Preliminary investigations have been made in order to get the trailer MOT’d. The result was shocking: The trailer will likely been disapproved as being road worthy by the German authorities. The problem, according to officials in charge of these checks, is a malfunctioning hand break and electrics. The owners haven’t been happy with the results of the preliminary investigation and chose to tow the trailer to another garage in the region of the former East of Germany. A large trailer has been employed.

They carried out their own checks that confirmed that the electrics in fact are not in any way faulty..everything works fine. „This is disgusting“… Stefan Schenkelberg said. „We cannot work with these people although I appreciate that the garage needs to produce costs for their customers. “ he added.

What if any effect has the delay on the project realization for the London Bar in Bavaria?

None, the opening of the bar has been decided / a day for this to happen was not yet agreed as there are still some imponderables to sort. We are in talks with the authorities in Bavaria already and also, amazingly, with the regional media (we have in fact been inundated by press officials!). The expectations are obviously high for Schenkelberg’s London Bar in this part of Germany and we promise: We won’t disappoint our friends in the Bavarian Forest.

We can reveal that the Schenkelberg’s will have managed their relocation from the Harz region to the Bavarian Forest by the 1st of April 2019.

Please stay tune..

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