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We have managed! Our dream running our own pub will become reality. Schenkelberg’s London Bar – mehr lesen

aufwaerts Bild
‚es geht aufwärts‘ THINGS ARE LOOKING UP

This won’t be like any other pub because we try to relate to our experiences in the United Kingdom and we invite the large tourist groups that are seen every year choosing the Bavarian Forest as their favorite holiday destination to spend time with us in the Tower.

the new bar

For this reason we have parked our Can, the Original, outside the Gastro Tower. So we continue to serve you just as you expected us to do for the last seven years serving in and around London. It was of course Bavaria, the county in the South of Germany that inspired us most and it was for this reason that we had decorated our Can in the traditional colors of Bavaria (blue and white) including the national coat of arms; our corporate identity and unique eye-catcher for the thousands and thousands of visitors to the places where we had our pitch locations. The CI should remain as it was back in England with no changes to the coat of the Can to be planned in the near future.

Der Gastro Turm in Waldkirchen
a photomontage of the project in Waldkirchen

For many people CI stands for aesthetics but they forget that Corporate Identity covers many areas such as in our case the new bar located in the third floor of the Gastro Tower. We speak English and German and we serve German beers as well as English beers whereas we will specialize in drinks that are known to us to be the favorites of the Brits. All in all we will create a welcoming atmosphere for our friends, the Brits.

From the experience with the Can to the Opening up of a Pub: We have during our spell in England, between 2000 and 2018, experienced quite a lot, especially in terms of cultural differences. The years prior to opening of our food trailer (2000 to 2017) we have met with many people and the boss was involved in running other businesses. One wish was unfortunately not granted for the Can operators: The sale of alcoholic drinks. It’s considered to be a sin for Bavarians to offer Bavarian food without the beers and we in fact had some encounters with tourists from Bavaria that have visited our can only to criticize the lack of beers being served through the serving latches. But we also met British customers, those that would have preferred a good German beer or Steiner to accommodate the Bratwurst.

The Schenkelberg’s reputation in the United Kingdom and also in the Republic of Ireland has always been of great respect and we have nothing but pure admiration for the way we have been treated by the British and Irish. It is a bit to do with our love for Great Britain, first and foremost the people and customers of GB and the culture that we have decided to invent a British establishment in the heart of Bavaria.

history file of the plight of a young business couple – read more

The Brits and Germans alike have a commonality when it comes to the choice of drinks. However, our personal experience was that the British have better taste buds when it comes to alcoholic drinks. We carefully considered a number of pub projects before we met with Wolfgang Weber. Wolfgang runs the Gastro Tower in Waldkirchen, right smack in the center of the city next to the main bus station. It’s more like a entertainment complex and it has a unique structure to be seen as such. The tower beats our own Giant Can in terms of the height several times over. Still, we insist that the neighboring Giant Can mustn’t be degraded to become a tiny Can.

One of Wolfgang’s favorite bar is in the top floor. It’s called The Trendiest Bar and it must retain its status. It currently only opens for special occasions. It remains at this stage unclear when this bar will become permanently open again; for Wolfgang it is currently too much to deal with. The tower has just celebrated it’s 25-years-anniversary.

There is a billiard room in the second floor of the tower where local teams play for Championship points.

Waldkirchen as location:

Mentioned for the first time in 1203, it soon became an important trading place along the „Goldener Steig“ (Golden Path), a salt-trading route between Bavaria and Bohemia in the late Middle Ages. In the 13th century the Bishop of Passau gave Waldkirchen the title of a „Markt“ (market). After several raids by Bohemian soldiers during the 15th century the city built a „Ringmauer“, a big stonewall, to surround it, which is still to be seen in many places of the city.

Belonging to the Bishop of Passau’s territory for more than 600 years, the city became part of the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1806 and in 1871 of the German Empire. Read more on the Wiki page – go here

Waldkirchen’s main „industry“ is tourism. Embedded in the Bavarian Forest, Waldkirchen is close to Prague, Munich and Vienna.

What happens next?

The Schenkelberg’s family needs to chose from the accommodations that have been offered to them. Timeframe: One week. Mr. Schenkelberg has been given the permission to find new tenants for the house the family is currently occupying in Lower Saxony. Depending on the outcome they will be moving to Bavaria within the next four weeks. We anticipate that it will take a period of two weeks for us to refurbish the new bar and to become operational.


As the bar is fully equipped everything will be ready within a short period of time. It is planned that we will begin with both, our Can and the bar simultaneously and we are working currently on the license requirements.

Please enjoy viewing some impressions from the Bavarian Forest and we hope to see you in Bavaria to be our guest.

Warm regards

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill und Schenkelberg’s Bar Team


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