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Cats on offer

Please help the Schenkelberg family to find an amazing home for their three cats!

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cats for sale

This is probably an unusual blog post for some. As we are making preparations to take on our ‚long-time work opportunity‘ challenge abroad I have a big concern today. Our tenant is not at all happy to take our cats on and threatened to leave should we not manage to take our cats with us.

picture of Regina Schenkelberg
an animal loving business owner

My wife loves animals. She really adores them. It will break her heart when we leave without them. These her gorgeous looking little babies must find another amazing home by the end of August. They were always fed with finest quality sausages; we had no problem with that because, generally speaking, as  someone in charge of a restaurant  you always have plenty of meat left when the doors are closed in the evening.

If you are not the one who is interested to look after them please can you do us a favor and think about all the people you know as to whether they would want to have the gang of the three!

What is happening with the luxury food outlet and there newly opened beer kitchen?

The preparations are on in full-swing and the inauguration is planned for September 2018.

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering to expand it’s operation.
Potters Bar’s mobile food company with Rainer’s Bavarian Grill without the oil, the iconic food trailer has made a decision to move premises. Their recently started Beer kitchen in Potters Bar (their new offering of food delivery service from their kitchen at home) was lacking of a good customer turn out.

They will operate from the 1st of September 2018 from their new location in Goslar, Lower Saxony/ Germany where they take on a lease for a pub/ music bar and restaurant.

With warm regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill & Rainer’s Bavarian Beer Kitchen