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A New Future For The Giant Can

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s first iconic health conscious food trailer ‚Rainer’s Bavarian Grill without the oil‘ is looking to expand its operation with the help of seed funding. The management is currently following up a lead.

manipulated project picture
manipulated project picture

How serious is the prospect of having seed capital to grow the business and why is it that they are so confident in winning? They are aware that attracting investors is hard and what they want to avoid is „bad signalling.“ Deal with caution is their motto. „You have to gain some allies quickly. People who believe in our vision in the same way and on the same scale as we do.“..Gian Schenkelberg, one of the owner’s sons who supports the venture as an Executive Associate explained. Besides, a recently produced trend analysis revealed a significant upwards trend in the last two years following the experience of bad trading locations.

trend analysis pic
trend analysis

The folks behind Rainer’s Bavarian Grill without the oil trailer are hoping to take their Bavarian themed Bratwurst and beer concept to the next level by expanding their business to the larger music festival market. To that end, Regina and Stefan Schenkelberg, who started their German specialities food venture back in 2011, are preparing a presentation for meetings with potential investors. Their hope is to raise a minimum of £12500.00 to cover costs of outfitting the truck and a beer tent and working capital to handle higher volume.

Bavarian Oktoberfest culture fan Stefan Schenkelberg wants to expand Rainer’s Bavarian Grill without the oil kitchen with a portable bar. There are two icons of the Bavarian summer – the Bratwurst and a cold steiner. But the budding businessman is aiming to expand their existing mobile kitchen to add a beer tent and beer bar. The business couple believes that it will make them the first portable vendor in England to offer a range of German beers and Bratwurst.

Passionate about Oktoberfest Beers.
Stefan said: „We have chosen to use our iconic food trailer because it is just so quintessentially Bavarian.“
„But Rainer’s Bavarian Grill van will take that idea and flip it on its head. Our Project will create an upgraded version of the Bavarian food van.“ He added: „We’re doing it because we’re passionate about Bavarian’s culture particularly during the month of October.
„And there are so many quality beers out there, particularly in the Bavarian region, and I don’t think people know enough about the range of possible offerings.“

If all goes as planned, Rainer’s Bavarian Grill without the oil will start hitting up the art and music festival circuit around London and the southeast come summer. But eventually, the two owners would also like to take their venture even further. The long-term goal is to boost UK’s Oktoberfest fun ‚with an authentic touch‘ by adding more food trucks, trailers and beer tents to the business.

“That’s maybe two years down the road,” Schenkelberg says. “But we’ll always have our truck in Hertfordshire, our home base from where we soon begin our new licensed delivery service to Potters Bar homes. We love the Hertsmere district.”