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Simply the best

The Giant Can Once Again Stood Out As A Massive Attraction In Wembley

What a brilliant and memorable event that was on Saturday, November the 4th, 2017.

Bonfire Night; The ‚can‘ was opening it’s doors for only 3 hours to perform and the crowds seem to have never ended in front of their serving latch. The quality of their meat was, as always, outstanding and people have realized this over the last three months since they joined Wembley Park. But, it’s the home-made currywurst sauce that has become a signature item at Rainer’s Bavarian Grill.  A really yummy sauce with a spicy kick – very palatable.

Some people stood in the queue for over an hour to get their bratwurst in a roll.

German sausage pic
in pictures – a masterclass selection of German food

Who can possibly resist their meatloaf in a roll or e.g. their bratwurst topped up with fried onions and brushed with mustard?

cake pic
a master piece of cake – produced by their in-house master baker

Come to join them in Wembley before people get jealous about them. They truly love what they doing especially the taste buds spoiling on the square!

Please note the times from our website or, if in any doubt, check their tweets. Their twitter account is almost boiling over.. just short of  20,000 followers give them the thumb up!

Check this out: Latest video entitled „Wembley Park for Quality Caterers“   The video sadly got taken off by You Tube…reasons are not given.

you tube video
you tube video not permitted

The following link will take you to a promotional video the owner produced and published with his smart phone earlier. However, you must be linked up with the owner, Stefan Schenkelberg, to be able to watch this: CLICK HERE

Wembley Park pic
Wembley Park

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Regular trade is waste of money

Hello Friends,

We are now seven years hitting roads with our food truck.

crowds at the can pic
crowds at the can …at Rouel Road

Community festivals helped us a lot because we could become creative; e.g. in Bermondsay we produced our own money:

money vouchers pic
RBG money vouchers

We turned around bad results when we joined forces with an event management organisation for prestigious London locations. Wembley was born as a home for Rainer’s Bavarian Grill.

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill became an attraction for tourists and today we are targeting office workers and the builders of one of London’s fastest growing tourist attraction.

Is regular trade a no go approach? Well, yes and no. It works in general for the mainstream food trucks such as a British burger van.

We need more catering contracts. Call now on 0800 074 3655.

Would you like a German themed event complete with Polka band and Lederhosen Gaudi and also Rod Stewart playing live tunes?
Possible with us.

We have all the professional people to transform your event into a memorable event (that goes into your history books).

We are at our fingertips. Call now and ensure that your next event does meet the attraction it deserves.
Call 0800 074 3655 for a FREE quote.

Warm regards
Stefan Schenkelberg
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

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Hi All

hope you are coping? The weather over here is brilliant; sunny and getting warm..I am already sitting in my garden office to write to you.

Our agent has made changes to the trading spots for our food truck. Southwark Park Road has been downgraded due to lack of footfall and as I understand the problem to attract quality stalls to boost the attractiveness of the ‚Blue Market.‘ New prominent London trading spots have been added to the list.

Sadly, having explained this we are no longer trading at ‚The Blue Market‘ on a Saturday and we will only consider Bermondsey for special events. Check our main website at for updates.

You can find us during the week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at Wembley, three minutes walk from Wembley Park Train Station and right in front of the famous stadium in the square.

Enjoy your weekend.

Warm regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

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Wembley spot for Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

It’s been a busy week for the food truck owners with visits to Santa Eulalia/ Spain…

…chill out at the bar with friends in showbiz…

…and some relaxation at Es Cana..

short break for Ibiza pic
short break for Ibiza

…before heading back to the U.K. to continue with our taste buds spoiling at Wembley..

We also do birthday parties, community fayres and company events…

crowds at the can pic
crowds at the can

We can serve 25-30 guests every 20 minutes with our standard package. There is no wait time for batches. For an additional charge we can also provide extra staff to speed up the service.

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Rainer’s Bavarian Grill with growth ambition

Shifting priorities to enable growth

Stefan Schenkelberg, one of the owners, has become very busy recently.

‚We try to achieve what we haven’t achieved for six years.‘ Stefan explained. For strategic advice to ‚get the priorities right‘ the business couple is liaising with an Enterprise Agency in St Albans. ‚It’s just too much to deal with at present and our business is too small, so falls short of staff members with expertise in different fields including legal matters.‘

On Saturday they are sending their can to a charity event in Bermondsey.

The planning application for home delivery service to Potters Bar Homes has reached a stage where legal input would be helpful. ‚we invested just short of £500 and are now a bit stuck as the surveyors raised questions,‘ Stefan explained.

Stefan has now instructed an American based SEO optimisation company to help with the ranking of their website.

They have pre-booked six days of large events during the months of July, August and September and there is already a large Xmas event for them in the pipeline.

And there are issues of a different nature concerning the couple’s interest to completely breaking away from social security. Brexit and the new Tory government , it seems, makes it hard for them to survive. So they are looking already to opportunities to go abroad. ‚whilst this blog is being drafted, Regina and Stefan are seeking legal advise to challenge a decision by local authority.

We will keep you updated as things progress.

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill
Business Development Team

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in the news

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

Amid tough times, family finds business opportunity and stuck with it for now over six years.

motto pic

When the economic downturn forced Stefan Schenkelberg to terminate his once successful sales consultant role for an ISO certifications company back in 2010, he didn’t stick his heads in the sand and give up.

Instead, the Schenkelberg couple got creative.

They pulled together the home baked German food specialities of pastry chef Regina Schenkelberg and authentic hot dogs supplied by wholesale, pocked it up in a concession stand and hit the road.

supporting charity marathon run pic
supporting charity marathon run

The Schenkelbergs now travel through London selling their award-winning German fare in their portable food vending trailer, christened Rainer’s Bavarian Grill. „It’s a tribute to my husband’s late brother Rainer,“ said Regina Schenkelberg, matriarch of the family.

Stefan and Regina Schenkelberg have two children who grew up working in the food business with their parents. The couple’s youngest, Trevor, 18, continues to fulfill the family’s food duties by working and touring with his parents …when he is not at college.

The three Schenkelbergs spend about half of the year living in their fifth wheel, currently parked just outside London close to the M25.
„We just love England,“ Stefan Schenkelberg said.

The German delicacies served up by the Schenkelbergs at fairs, festivals and markets include bratwurst, a traditional sausage from northern Bavaria, and knackwurst, a smoke-flavoured speciality also known as “knacker”.

Their supplier for the Knacker is a specialist butcher in Oxfordshire, which according to Stefan makes sausages that even native Germans can’t distinguish from those manufactured in the federal republic.

Stefan said: “People love the Knacker. A woman from Berlin who tried them said they reminded her of her childhood. Sourcing meat locally does make sense.

“We also do beef sausages, chicken and turkey sausages, and even vegan sausages.”

Stefan prepares the award-winning German Curry Sauce with a ‚kick‘ every morning prior to their taste buds spoiling missions.

Currywurst signature sauce
Currywurst signature sauce

‚It’s a bit more unusual than normal fair food and we contribute to health and wellbeing‘ said Trevor Schenkelberg, one of the sons of the family, and he referred to the air frying technology installed in their kitchen.

The family is constantly working on and in the business. This entails several hours of administrative work per day to keep the concessions coming by researching, applying for and booking events. ‚It’s a lot more complicated than people think!,‘ Schenkelberg said. ‚It takes a lot of planning.‘ The cost associated with finding, applying for and being accepted as a vendor at some festivals can be quite high. Some require non-refundable deposits — large sums.

The Schenkelberg couple is not resting on their laurels, never did in their seven year’s touring experience with the ‚can‘. Attending market events is a must do for them to retain a cash flow situation to attend events for their festival rocker.

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Acton Market hick up

Today we lost trade but we gained exposure. 7 hours travelling through the streets of London.



p style=“text-align:left“>arrived at the market at 9:33am following a journey of 2 hours (2 hours for a distance of no more than 20 miles) – that“s london for you.

Tomorrow we will be back. It will mean we need to depart from Potters Bar at 7:00am to be on the market at 9:00. Lesson learnt.

Warm regards
Stefan Schenkelberg
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

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Home Delivery to Potters Bar Homes

Our project to offer a home delivery service to homes in Potters Bar, the home of the Giant Can, has been halted due to unexpected difficulties.


We are working with the Council’s Planning Department and a Certificate of Lawful Planning (CLP) is needed to progress with them.

We have asked our landlord, a charitable trust organisation (looking after some ten thousand properties), for cooperation with this matter but we feel we bang our head against a brick wall. We have spoken to the head of the surveying department but lack of flexibility and/or stubbornness prevents this person to answer a simple questionnaire.

We have been given a deadline until April the 25th to submit further details related to the condition of the property.



p style=“text-align:left“>Our plan, in the interim, to work from a local industrial estate felt short of highway approval and security acceptability.

This is just an update of things.

With warm regards,
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill
Business Development Team

„The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth.“

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Walthamstow market improvements

European’s largest flea market in London’s Waltham Forest District is a tough place to be for food stalls…. for the time being.

The food stall operators now decided to move on. Regrettably, after their initial twelve months trial period on Walthamstow’s market they admitted that it didn’t work out for them.

Stefan Schenkelberg, one of the owners, spoke with someone at the Council’s Street Trading Department to evaluate possibilities to move our food trailer towards the crowded areas of the market and away from the back-end of the market. They had been sending their iconic food trailer to an area with high footfall and they were seeking to get a permanent pitch. Here is essentially how Tony, one of the managers from the council’s street trading department responded to their plea: ‚This is, sadly, no longer possible. There are two problems:

The dimension of our food trailer, the 10.2 ft tall Giant Can

The smell it gives up‘ (I admit German Bratwurst has a distinguished smell)

He elaborated further on this and pointed to the complaints from the brick and mortar coffee shops and restaurants/ take away shops previously. They threatened the Council, Tony admitted, to sue them for £60.000,00 in damages (loss of business), should they again allow us to move close to their businesses. The smell has, according to these business owners, a detrimental effect on them.

Food Truck
Food Truck

The business couple find it ridiculous and Stefan blamed these high street businesses for not performing well enough to bother about the street traders.

The Council surely is in a difficult situation to mediate between the two customer types, that is high value business rate paying customers of the high street and casual street food traders.

We don’t object to the Council’s instruction to have our pitch location in a low footfall area ‚away from the crowd‘ but we will find solutions on how to move on with our venture. Stefan is actively looking for an alternative location in London’s West End. „We are competing with the ‚big‘ boys in the market’s food establishments…. but we will win in the end. It’s very much a mobility issue here.“ Stefan explained.

market map
market map

The Council also is doing their bit to help food stall owners. They have designated the low footfall area as a food court and banner advertising makes visitors to the market aware of it. „Currently, they lack of the ‚variety‘.. there are only a handful of food stalls. In my humble opinion, not enough for an area to be designated as a food court,“ Stefan explained. They also plan to extend the business hours so that food stall owners can serve for an extended period in the evening.

The high street is currently undergoing a development program.

Walthamstow’s High Street Regeneration Programme works includes, as we understand, the continuation of an environmental enhancement scheme, and the development of an improved ‘market place’. Too late for the Schenkelberg’s to consider further involvement: ‚We are here to make monies but are currently only making pennies,‘ Regina Schenkelberg pointed out.


With warm regards,

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill | Business Development Team



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Shop open

Saturday the 4th in Walthamstow

Dear Customers,

We have asked the market management to help us to restart our bratwurst shop on Saturday this week.

It’s been a tough going couple of weeks with lots of uncertainty as to whether we should or shouldn’t continue with our trading missions on for us ‚difficult‘ market terrain (see previous blog post).

We came to the conclusion that, having now completed all legal requirements for our dinner home delivery service to homes in Potters Bar, that we should be full of confidence that we will be making enough to ensure viability within no time; lunch time on markets, dinner for the community in Potters Bar and events in the summer for the fun-loving Brits.

We are currently concerned about our car ’s starter battery as the procedures in the garage when they tested and fixed the electrical fault on the wiring has obviously caused the battery to drain.

Please help to send us the crowd to the ‚can‘. We will be at the known location on the market, just around the corner from St James Street overground station.



p style=“text-align:left“>Hope to see you all!

Your team at European’s longest market