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St Albans Street Trading Policies

Hope you all had a Happy Christmas! We need your support here:

‚Some time ago, we attempted to apply for a street trading license for Rainer’s Bavarian Grill with St Albans City & District Council. Before we were able to start the application procedure we were confronted by very odd trading policies. „Food traders that wish to trade on the market should use gas. No electricity is provided and the operation of generators is not allowed.“‚

Why St Albans? Well, it’s an historical and wealthy town in the heart of Hertfordshire and neighboring to the home of Rainer’s Bavarian Grill. We would not want to miss to spoil the taste buds of the people of St Albans. St Albans impresses during the holiday season with a boarder wide known German style Christmas market.

In Wiki you can read about the history of this town: “

After the Roman withdrawal the town, became the centre of the territory or regio of the Anglo-Saxon Waeclingas tribe.

St Albans Abbey and the associated Anglo-Saxon settlement were founded on the hill outside the Roman city where it was believed St Alban was buried. An archaeological excavation in 1978, directed by Martin Biddle, failed to find Roman remains on the site of the medieval chapter house.  Read more

This issue has now become a more important one to tackle as Rainer’s Bavarian Grill is looking to secure profitable locations to be able to win over a maximum of customers to grow their business. St Albans has the potential to become a lucrative trading location for the specialist food vendor.

Stefan Schenkelberg, the co-owner, said: „There is no reason for this Council’s Street Trading Department to ignore messages. We have repeatedly contacted them and didn’t receive any response. If we find someone to be arrogant and proud, we advise him to be diligent in his Awrad, so he may kill the egos.“

Here is the complaint and we ask the Council, hopefully with the help of Social Media, that they find the need to respond to this:

Good Afternoon,

we run a mobile food business in Potters Bar. Our plan is to trade in neighboring St Albans on the farmers market (I have attached a picture showing our set up). However, our wish to trade is hampered by the policy your council has adapted for street traders. I find it ridiculous to be treated like this and I like to complain about your services:

When a customer has commercial interest he or she musn’t been prevented from excercising the company’s good practise policy by the council’s inefficiency. We have a petrol generator to run our appliances at our food trailer and we also use mains electricity when trading at markets. The council has adapted a policy to tell caterers to come with gas equipment or else don’t come trading at all. This is unfair to all caterers that are not using gas and musn’t been tolerated as it is contrary to good customer practise and in direct contravention to the policy statement (see

Kind regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg

Hope this helps our Business Development Goals for 2017; an operation in full swing with all obstacles to be minimized or even to be ruled out… they need to be able to include St Albans as trading location when considering strategies to grow a large customer base in the shortest possible time for their ambitious specialist food trailer.

Good luck, fairness and success for 2017
Good luck, fairness and success for 2017

One of our Business’s New Year’s Resolutions is certainly the clarification by St Albans City & District Council as any such policies would certainly be considered counterproductive to their aim to help grow small businesses in economically difficult and uncertain times, especially following BREXIT.

How can you help?

Please hit the ‚like‘ button below to support our wish to engage with trading activity on the St Albans market in 2017.

We wish our friends a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

The Business Development Team
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

We don’t want this to escalate but we do need answers. The Council has responded to a tweet:

Council's initial response
Council’s response


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2016 – year in review

This year was the year of changes for Rainer’s Bavarian Grill with trails and tribulations.

Back in April, following supportive intervention by a number of London Borough’s Councillors, we did find a regular trading pitch in London E17. The conditions were favorable for the food trailer’s couple.

It was a challenging time as we went on a journey to ‚taste the waters‘  as the Americans saying goes. It more and more became clear that the trading location wasn’t what we wished it to be in midst a majority of Muslim people. We love being among our fellow human beings but had to realize that they don’t eat pork.

queue at the can
provided by a customer who wrote a review at

The summer approached and we got invitations to send our ‚can‘ to a number of small events. One of the highlights certainly has been when we attended the Community in Harmony Event in Southend-on-Sea.

Community in Harmony
Community in Harmony

In September we checked out a market place in the village of Marylebone in the London Borough of Westminster. The Cabbages & Frocks market surely doesn’t fall short of the expectation of markets in London’s upmarket shopping areas. Stalls offering designer clothes and jewelry and a variety of exclusive offers including of course Bavarian cuisine.

designer clothes
designer clothes
people walking pass to attend an event in the famous Marylebone Church
people walking pass to attend an event in the famous Marylebone Church

Back in November we have been able to rediscover the market in the historical town square of Aylesbury in the County of Buckinghamshire. The market management invited us over to attend their Friday Food Markets.

The Buy British initiative matters to us. This year we have changed our suppliers for the wurst. A Oxfordshire butcher store supplies us with finest wurst. Why the British meat store for the German sausage? Simply, the Brits are able to provide German sausages and they do a damn good job (they knew it, it’s Newitt):

British-German hot dogs
new hotdogs produced in Great Britain

The owner’s health a concern!

As with some husband and wife run business the success or failure depends on the owners good health. If one owner is ill, the business is ’still‘.. Stefan Schenkelberg, certainly not someone lacking fitness (bearing in mind he did run the London Marathon two years ago at the age of 51), suffers especially in the cold winter months. Today he recovers in bed from a nasty flu.

owner's picture
pictured on the left

His career was constantly interrupted by illness; since early childhood he had suffered from chronic bronchitis and respiratory infections which were always accompanied by severe coughing spasms.

As for 2017 the caterers have come up with plans to introduce a delivery service from home for the community of Potters Bar. This is now progressing and the infrastructure is already in place. Bikes, delivery drivers are waiting to be deployed. The app is already up and running so people can order our food using their iPhones or smartphones.

our new app
our new app

It is anticipated that we will have all licenses in place by the third week in January 2017.

To our valued customers, friends and all who supported us this year, last not least to mention the 12000 + followers on twitter.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill
Regina, Stefan & Trevor

Christmas Food Truck
Christmas Food Truck
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Christmas is approaching

London’s luxurious food trailer gets sent to markets in London Walthamstow and Aylesbury this week. Queues are waiting once more before Christmas to have the privilege of having Rainer’s Bavarian Grill spoiling their taste buds.


The wurst movement is definitely growing says Stefan Schenkelberg, one of the owners.


The first orders have come in and the food trailer team has already received praise for the logistic development when they introduced their smartphone app.



p style=“text-align:left“>It will be again the Christmas Tree being in the centre of all happening when Walthamstow ’s Christmas Fayre will attract the London community for a wonderful shopping and ‚of course‘ dining experience. This time with a bang!

For the first time ever, Rainer’s Bavarian Grill will offer Gluehwein (mulled wine), beers and sausages.

Don’t miss Monday the 19th of December for a spectacular display of stalls, decorated in the spirit of Christmas. Rumours of the possibility that Father Christmas will come for a surprise visit began to circulate.

We wish all our customers and friends a Merry Christmas!

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill
Business Development Team