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mulled wine for Christmas

In the London market for magic: Mulled wine and festive cheer at the best Christmas markets.

inspired by mulled wine stalls pic
inspired by mulled wine stalls

In London, everybody looks at Hyde Park and Winter Wonderland during this Christmas season, the people’s choice and it appears their only hope to find both roasted sausages and mulled wine. But London is not only Hyde Park.. Father Christmas goes everywhere. This coming festive season we experience hundreds of Christmas markets emerging in the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom.

Looking at Germany, the country known as King of the Christmas markets – with a whopping 125 popping up over the festive period – Nuremburg in the German state of Bavaria is home to the world’s largest. Hundreds of stalls decorated in red and white cloth offer roast sausages, gingerbread and traditional ornaments. Vendors are under strict rules. No tat here – this is the real authentic deal. Tuck into lebkuchen – famous German Christmas biscuits and feuerzangenbowle, the tastiest gluhwein laced with rum and/or brandy – and often set alight.

Can you imagine Rainer’s Bavarian Grill serving on Christmas markets without offering Mulled Wine? The smell of ginger bread, hot pretzel and mulled wine is so important for the visitors of Xmas markets and this is what attracts the crowds.

Xmas at the can pic
Xmas at the can

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill will be serving at this year’s festivities, for the first time, in Walthamstow, London E17.. and it will be food and fun.

Walthamstow is to launch it’s Christmas market. A perfect occasion for Europe’s longest market mile promising thousands of visitors to this spectacular place! Bargain hunters and visitors for designer shops, Walthamstow has something to offer for everybody! We have just applied for a temporary event notice, something as someone who offers a food establishment needs to have in order to sell alcoholic drinks. We have explained the importance for us to serve mulled wine in addition to our roasted sausages and Christmas Stollen.


Rainer’s Bavarian Grill will be suspended between the 2nd of December and the 9th of December due to an all-important family event. The owner’s mother (bearer of one of the highest civilian awards for caring for the community!) in Germany celebrates her 80th birthday in some style and we (all family members of course!) were ‚of course‘ not able to decline the invitation to join in.

Irmgard Schenkelberg pic
Frau Irmgard Schenkelberg pictured with the then President of the state of Rhineland Palatinate and the town’s mayor

The Walthamstow Christmas Market takes place in the week commencing 19th of December and we would like to invite everybody..

We will be in Marylebone tomorrow, Thursday the 1st of December,  to attend a Christmas themed market in the church yard, off High Street. Come to the Giant Can. All welcome!

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a fantastic app

Dear Fans and Friends of Wurst!

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering has worked tiered-less to have a good and useful mobile app produced and it was Appaway, a company from the Midlands, that produced this impressive smartphone/iphone app.


It’s a basic service Appaway provides but this is all that counts for a small business wanting to compete with the big boys. It let’s you program essential requirements, that is the dates and times when orders need to be accepted, your store opening hours and your locations. In addition you can make changes to your menthe appu or add additional menu items anytime and instantly.

As an example let me explain what happens today: I am doing office work, the shop is closed hence the ordering system disables the function and orders can’t be accepted. Tomorrow, whilst attending a trade fair the shop remains closed as well. I can arrange for this to be reflected in the ordering app and the beauty of it is ‚it’s happening instantly‘.

The system communicates automatically with any customers. The minute the customer orders services the system provides feedback, so that the customer can be rest assured that the ordered food is on its way.

In the competitive marketplace that takeaways share, keeping customers happy is one of the utmost important aspects of running a successful business. Unsurprisingly most take away shop owners will say that they aim to do this. But how can a take away shop be sure they are getting it right? The only way to really find out whether your customers are happy, and what they might be unhappy about, is to solicit feedback from them. And the more channels through which this feedback can be taken, the better because each one has different limitations in terms of the honesty and detail that will be expressed.


British-German hot dogs
new hotdogs produced in Great Britain

Our new delivery app will be most prominently promoted by a leaflet, provided by Appaway in conjunction with our own leaflet. Our staff will be send out to do a mailshot wherever we have our trading spot, so people will be made aware of this service.

what we offer leaflet

You can contact Appaway via their website, Appaway, it’s a company we highly recommend for their efficiency and services. A great deal for the take away industry!


We now look forward to an increase of orders coming in through this app and we are all set to grow our business.

Come and sample our food. The first person that mentions the headline ‚a fantastic app‘ will get a free hot dog in a roll.

Kindest regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg
Gourmet Express Mobile Catering
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill Business Development



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Movement for Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

Donald Trump has won. He managed to create the movement needed as a political outsider to become President.

To compare him/ his actions to build on his success with our food venture is foolish some might say.

Donald Trump used a massively decline of people supporting Obama/ the current United States administration to his very own advantage.

We, as a specialist food stall owner with pork products on top of our menu cause problems,.. for ourselves some may say. And they are right. We need a movement right here in Walthamstow where we have invested our monies in a trading pitch of a well attended market but inmids predominantly Muslim footfall.

I don’t personally want to change our menu for the sake of drawing customers when I haven’t had privileges of Muslim born people who know to value specifically produced Halal food.

The part of London, where we try our utmost is run by Muslim brothers and sisters. Many shops and I would say 80% of stall holders are of Muslim faith, irrespective whether they come from Africa or the Middle East.

We need a movement to make it work or else we are out of business in no time. One month (October) when we didn’t send our can to the market, has a most detrimental affect on our trading success. We tried Marylebone and invested a considerable higher amount of pitch fees to attend this nice Saturday market. We lost opportunities to build on a customer base we had already created in Walthamstow whilst not being present „all the time.“

A movement is needed to spread the word. We are in London. Yes, London has a Muslim as their mayor. I appreciate that! London also has the best, by far the best, public transport system. Walthamstow’s High Street is well connected to the transport system. We have St James Street station to the South and  Walthamstow central station to the North of Europe’s longest market street.


You can help us to survive by telling all your friends about us. Type ‚Rainer’s Bavarian‘ in Google and you will find a customer review of the customer who took the following picture whilst getting spoiled by my customer service staff:



p style=“text-align:left“>If you are on Twitter please tweet and retweet. We have 12k+ followers (GExpMobCatering).

Help us to attract the followers those that eat western European food and those that don’t expect us to introduce Halal.

God bless,
Stefan Schenkelberg
Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

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