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Moved again in Walthamstow


My dear Customers and Friends, Fans of German Food,

the Council plays a difficult part in their strive to assist high business rate paying customers and no business rate customers unbiased.

We have commenced trading in the crowded area in Walthamstow’s prestigious market arena….away from the crime riddled low footfall area further down the road. Impact on Rainer’s Bavarian Grill by moving up the road: The immediate effect was an increase of takings but on the downside of things we became a thorn in the side of those who hated us.

This resulted in the Council’s action to ban us from the higher footfall area and move us back to the end bit of the market.

The Council’s officials word things in a friendly manner. But they do not understand the implications of their actions. We aren’t blocking any more businesses at another location as we already do at our previous location. The market management wrote, I quote:
„I am glad the new space worked for you but unfortunately your stall has proven inappropriate in that location due to its size. It has been blocking various shops in the vicinity so you will need to relocate to your original position at Y07 from next week. If Mr Chipperfield needs your assistance he will need to move his stall down to Y06 for this purpose.“



p style=“text-align:center“>My own interpretation of things: Corrupt take away shop and restaurant owners at any rate hated the sight of our Giant Can quality food mobile kitchen, waiting in vain as they did for the latter to convince their customers to avoid rubbish food from market stalls. Our customers come again and again and they don’t distinguish between a restaurant build in brick and mortar or a restaurant type such as ours. The quality matters to them and this is our greatest advantage!

what happens next?
The Council promised to look into it but they stated:
„Until this situation is resolved you will need to trade from Y07 on Walthamstow Market.“

Immediate Consequences
Sadly, we felt we needed to cancel the attendance at Coggeshall Carnival as it is now expected that our cash flow situation will suffer as a result of the relocation by the Council!

I will keep you updated of things as they progress.

Warm regards,
Stefan Schenkelberg
Director –
Business Development Rainer’s Bavarian Grill

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refrigerating equipment fault

London, Walthamstow, 12/7/16


Customer Announcement

Due to a refrigerating equipment problem in our kitchen,
we will unfortunately be closed for a short period of time.

We expect to be back on the market tomorrow,
Wednesday the 13th of July with more delicious freshly
prepared food.

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Good progress at Walthamstow

It“s getting most exciting at Walthamstow Market. The first three days have been amazing at our new pitch location.

We made friends with immediate neighbors, such as the fabrics store and the pub as well as the next door veg stall. One grumpy lad from the steak house (apparently a manager) insulted me late this evening when we were packing to finish off one more good day. He tried to treat us as kids.

I insisted that he shakes hand with me as a way to apologise and he did! He appeared visibly shaken afterwards when I taught him a lesson how to be polite to each other.

One sloppy mistake happened this morning when we missed to pinpoint the pitch number area allocated to our can by 3 meters. We only realised this when we had finished setting up, about to connect to the power supply.

The market officer lady came passing by and I explained that we mistakenly took up the wrong pitch site number. She laughed and said:“ not a problem as long as you realised the problem. Next time get it right.“

We had a German woman coming and she didn’t notice us before. I asked why and she explained: „I only go down the market as far as lidls and then I turn around.“ I replied: „90% of people do I said. The market is dead down at the bottom end during the week. No wonder we had significantly less customers. „
From next week Daniel (Daniel Chipperfields of the bubble tea stall) and I are trying to form a strategic partnership in terms of lunchtime delivery.

We have decided to bring our bicycle with the cargo catering bike trailer…

I wish you all a successful day tomorrow and a fantastic weekend.

Stefan Schenkelberg
Founder / Rainer’s Bavarian Grill Business Development
Gourmet Express Mobile Catering



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News from Walthamstow

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill has moved towards the centre of the market.

The slight change of location for the mobile food provider was meant to offer help and support to the Chipperfields couple.

BOBAYUMM BUBBLE TEA have made a name on the market for their offerings of finest bubble tea. The husband and wife team are now proud parents of a baby boy and we offered to keep a close eye on their stall in times of ‚manpower‘ shortage in these for the couple stressful times.

It may also mean better business opportunities for us as we move from a very low footfall area slightly up to be in a fairly good area.

To find out about our new location details I have added a picture of the map below.


We are all excited about these changes. Please come to visit us from Tuesday to Friday at our new location but on a Saturday as normal at the newly designed area for a new food court.

So far, the market visitors have not acknowledged nor appreciated the move by the council; We hope that the London Borough of Waltham Forest will eventually develope this new market area to be Walthamstow’s new addition to an already fantastic market place….for the whole family to visit again and again.

Without proper promotion and the attraction of more quality food stalls it will always remain, as I see it, a „food court without substance.“



p style=“text-align:left“>I wish our American customers and friends a happy Independence Day today!

Warm regards
Stefan Schenkelberg