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Walthamstow Market

Progress is slow, very slow

The Environmental Health Department is currently undertaking their investigation, a standard procedure we have been told. We are still patient which for them is a sign of flexibility.

new direction pic
new direction

„The world is not plain and people are greedy and self-centered. Good values belong to the past. You no longer understand that the ‚customer is king‘ when you sell services. I was also brought up to adopt different points of view, to slip into the shoes of other people and to ask simple, some call it ’sympathetic questions‘ such as e.g. ‚Have you got alternative trading opportunities whilst waiting for the processing of your trading pitch?'“ says Stefan Schenkelberg, the CEO, when asked why they need to wait for such a long time.

For us it means we are waiting which is never good for a mobile food business. „Waiting“ means „No Income“ and „No Income“ can mean hardship for businesses. Having the doors shut for our customers is something which is only happening to the mobile trade in this country. Other businesses have their entrance doors buried in concrete with an easy to operate mechanism to open and close them, so customers can always knock or come in.

Our customer know that we are rewarding them, always..

Walthamstow promotion pic
Walthamstow promotion

The Council was made aware of the urgency for us to serve our quality food to continue to satisfy customers. We do satisfy customers for now four years and we haven’t had not a single complaint; in fact customers that eat out at our luxury food stall were ‚always‘ full of praise!

Well, we are not resting on our laurels whilst waiting. We have advanced our project to hold our inaugural Oktoberfest Event in Daventry this year in October.

Oktoberfest in England pic
Oktoberfest in England

You can already book your seat, go here

We would also appreciate if you give us a like on our ALL-NEW Facebook fan page

In relation to our strict corporate social and environmental responsibilities we have published a blog with interesting facts for you to read, go here and be the first to comment

We promise that we will stick through the times of difficulty we are currently facing because we know how eager you are awaiting our re-launch in London.

promo ad pic
promo ad

With warm regards,

The Social Media Team @Gourmet Express Mobile Catering

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Walthamstow Market

The Show goes on..

image - Tribute to Brother Rainer
Tribute to Rainer –           1961 – 2015

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering is looking to serve their delights from their stylish food stall on the Walthamstow Market in the North East of London. See pictures of full set up including kitchen pic below. The kitchen is housed in a 10.2 feet tall Giant Can.  On the first anniversary of the death of the founder’s brother, Rainer Schenkelberg, Regina and Stefan has made their decision to give it a go ..

standard set up pic
standard set up

„It’s not easy for us since the council has declined our application for a Temporary Event Notice to be able to launch services with a Oktoberfest style event. We are preparing well enough and have already started to build our All-New-Website at The Council has adopted a policy of not allowing the sale of alcohol on the market unless, we understand, arrangements have been agreed upon prior to an event. Our first reaction was pure disbelief and we withdrew immediately from the application.“

The board members have today, having slept over their initial decision, made another attempt to consider the Council’s offer for a permanent trading pitch, Tuesday – Saturday.

stylish set up pic
stylish set up
serving latch pic
serving latch
simple kitchen pic
simple kitchen

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Thank you.

Warm regards,

Social Media Team @Gourmet Express Mobile Catering