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Gourmet Express East Street notice

Trading at East Street Market currently suspended.


Dear Customers and Friends,


East Street trade suspended

Mr Schenkelberg has not rested on his laurels but investigated other major markets in view of suitability for Rainer’s Bavarian Grill.
Here are one of his findings: Quite a lot of the Council’s market divisions for London’s larger markets disposed of a desolate infrastructure and excessive trading pitch fees to try to encourage traders back to their markets.

Unfortunately, the Council for the market where we are currently trading hasn’t managed to revitalize their market and boost the potential of new market visitors. Infrastructural problems, that is problems of their power supply, affect the efficient operation of traders, in our case our mobile food kitchen operation.

We have highlighted the areas of concern to the market management but the officers immediately wanted to put the blame on our own organization. However, we pointed to the bigger picture of the problem because  a number of power supply units are not working (not only the ones within our pitch area). The abuse of these power supply units would not occur if the Council would adopt the policy for change of their own market regulation. 4 x 100 watts is simply not enough to power certain stalls. When you think of a food stall that is equipped with electrical appliances, e.g. fridge, freezer and convection ovens, 400 watts would not be sufficient for their requirement.

power pedestal
power pedestal

We have been using high wattage power units to run our stall. These units with higher wattage outputs are limited on the market and unfortunately for our business, the ones we can use are faulty.

The market management demands that we use a generator, one that conforms with market regulations.

The whole situation was getting out of hand when we were denied continuation of the trade without providing our own generator and Mr Schenkelberg involved the National Federation for Market Traders to investigate, assisting in solving the issues.


Stefan explains: „We are members of this organisation for the second consecutive year and belief that they are the best to have some influence. We certainly feel that we are unable to invest thousands of pounds into a suitable generator when the Council can’t provide services according to the trading license they have issued when we first registered with them. There was no stipulation in the condition and the market management approved our mobile kitchen and licensed it after we had to test run in front of the watching eyes of the market bosses.“

The development at East Street Market as far as our business concerns:

  • We have had further meetings with Just Eat ( to introduce our delivery service. The set up of this facility is scheduled to be finalized by the second week of February 2016.
Gourmet Express Mobile Catering's new delivery service
delivery service set up
  • We have agreed to a deal with Our special offers will spoil many customers from the first week of February.
  • We have invested into newspaper advertising campaign with the Lambeth Weekender, Southwark’s premier newspaper with almost 200.000 readers. The ads have already been published in two of their editions.
  • Christopher Coke, our street musician, has joined our team and he has already impressed some of our stall visitors with excellent tunes. A video has been uploaded; Watch it here:  CHRISTOPHER COKEevent60116

We are confident that we will be back trading at East Street soon. Please find out about our upcoming events here, go here: UPCOMING EVENTS


Warmest wishes,

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering

Business Development Team

A new burger comes to town..
A new burger comes to town.. by Lambeth Weekender
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This week started with a double bang..

Tuesday in Borehamwood – Wednesday in East Street Market

people at our stall

Tuesday was meant for us to travel to Central London but the problem was that we had been made aware that the power pedestals at East Street were not working and, as we understood, due for repairs. The problem is that for our food truck we use quite some electricity whereas our competition use both gas and electricity to cook their food. An agreement was reached that we can use dedicated pedestals with an electricity output of up to 4kva.

power pedestal
power pedestal

We found ourselves being in a catch 22 situation. Our trading missions went ahead despite the lack of the proper supply, one of these 4kva power pedestals that are in working order. The majority of pedestals limited the power output to just 1.5kva. They offered us a refund of the pitch fees. To pack and return home, a distance of 40 miles, was never be considered as an economic solution. We never did because we felt we should give it a try and ran the stall ‚half-powered‘ using posts with . Well, had we agreed to the generous approach by the market manager we would have saved the pitch fee but our business would have been shut with no income that day.

Currywurst with hash brown – in England everything is possible

When we pressed for a solution we had been promised that an engineer will check the sockets early this week. We were unable to contact anybody from the market management early in the morning.

Phone calls with market managements have been made on Tuesday morning. It was a market manager in Hertfortshire who helped and we have been offered a trading pitch in neighboring Borehamwood (about 4 miles from the home of The Giant Can), a town in southern Hertfordshire, situated 12 miles (19 km) from Charing Cross and home of the famous Elstree Film Studios. This was funny because we have been trading in Borehamwood before; our ‚can‘ looked so different to them so they didn’t recognize us. We attracted the attention of Hertsmere Borough Council and a team from their social media team spotted our ‚can‘ and came for a Currywurst.

Rainer's Bavarian Grill in BorehamwoodBorehamwood Markets

On Wednesday, we dared to try another journey to East Street Market run by Southwark Borough Council. To our dismay and horror we learnt that the power pedestals were still not maintained and in our frantic effort we tried to find any pedestal that had been working. By the time we checked the pedestals it was already noon and we had to turn away people. Very unhappy by the situation I was encouraged to report to the Council about the problem. They were unaware of the situation but promised to investigate and fix problems.

pure gym
a promotion by pure gym

We are always good to help promoting services in the community of our respective trading locations and sometimes even staff members of gyms join us for the good food. Find out more about Pure Gym: click here


Later on Wednesday afternoon I met the sales representative for JustEat for the London area. A deal is now being re-negotiated so that we will be going ahead pending the issue with the electricity.

Christopher Coke, a street musician, joined our business and passing by people stood still listening to songs from Bob Marley, Bob Dylan or even some of his own composed tunes. An artist to look out for…!!


Quality in, at and around the ‚can‘ – we won’t disappoint you: ‚Come and join us for a Currywurst and entertainment…. all yours.‘

Guten Appetit..always,

Stefan Schenkelberg