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Crowdfunding for amateurs

30/6/2015 Project cancelled

from the desk of the CEO


After the death of an advocate for our mobile food cart venture our business struggled. We were looking at many options for funding. Then we came across, an American organization to help creative projects by providing an online platform for backers for them to support these projects by donations.

Tribute to Rainer
Tribute to Rainer

Crowdfunding lets you raise funds without sacrificing ownership or having to face relatives across the table at holidays, or needing to promise a return besides a free sample of your product or some other ‚reward.‘
It’s a bit like being in a kindergarten and doing a presentation for the children to understand. Yet, we thought, if that is our only option we will give it a go.
We knew it has, without any doubt, drawbacks:

It just makes it too easy to kid yourself
The projects work for many young would-be entrepreneurs, those that have not got into the rhythm of writing business plans or put into crafting mission statements and forecasting sales and determining costs.
It’s really like going back in time when you went to college – you put in the effort to show what you’re capable of.

It’s a lazy way of finding capital for your projects.

Investors will hesitate investing in a crowdfunded company. Is this true?

I think I know the answer here:
Do these companies really perform? How can they have the financial experiences if they haven’t got the qualifications nor the ability to write a business plan? I personally wouldn’t donate a penny to these projects as an entrepreneur.
Realizing your dream as an entrepreneur is hard. Crowdfunding sites, in my opinion, distort the dream. If funds are granted, it can help supplement other sources of money and help you try out a product, but the true test of a business is what happens next, after the funding is done. And that’s when you’ll need the discipline,  expertise and sense of urgency that comes putting your own money at risk or that of serious investors who expect a real return.

For us it was out of desperation because of other issues, interfering with traditional funding options, issues we were for a long time completely unaware of. When we found ourselves declined for funding we were never told about the reasons….so we thought: „That’s odd, no public debtor record hold any negative reports on us! We have provided a most complex and striking business and marketing plan, yet we get declined for reasons we don’t really understand. On our path we value fellow humans who are honest with us and say directly to our face what they find good, what they find bad and what they criticize when they decline funding applications.“


As concerning the future for Camden Bratwurst Pillar Limited we have now found ways to grow our business following the issues concerning Coca Cola Enterprises.

Warm regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg

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can redesign

Dear Fans and Friends,

Apologies for the delay it has already taken and, unfortunately, it will still take us to progress with our big project this year. I know it must be frustrating to hear from your favorite mobile food German specialties provider that their food wagon is not open by these to us unforeseen circumstances. We will have our food stall operating and I promise that we continue serving. Details will be announced shortly. A local pub owner offered us to come to serve their customers but, after some lengthy considerations, we decided that it wouldn’t be in our interest in our strive to become a fledgling mobile food business.



rewards ad


- you will be enjoying these rewards - we apologize that we haven't kept to our words -

On another note; A big thank you to Coca Cola Enterprises, a company that has helped our own brand to lots of additional exposure during the course of the last four + years. A bit sad is now our departure but a necessity for us to move on. However, a break away from Coca Cola will certainly open up new opportunities for our small business.

Whilst I was hoping Coca Cola Great Britain would answer it was Coca Cola in Berlin that did. Coca Cola Enterprises in Germany has kindly responded very efficiently (it took them only hours). They explained the situation for us in an email (very freely translated into English but conveying the meaning):

Good Afternoon Mr. Schenkelberg

many thanks for your email and your interest for the Coca Cola Enterprise. We are pleased to answer your query.

The Coca Cola Company in Atlanta/Georgia USA owns all trademark rights. Coca Cola Enterprises and all companies affiliated with Coca Cola Enterprises are permitted to exclusively using our logos and labels. This applies above all for whatever purpose and in any form if commercial activity or advertising is the nature of the conduct.

In Germany your request must be considered for pre-marketing testing and licensing prior to be able to use the trademark.

A major task is now ahead when the branding from the can gets removed and a new layer with our own design will be attached.

new design for our canThe work is scheduled to commence as soon as the funding has been secured.

We are most excited about this as it will be our stepping stone to be able to use our mobile kitchen for events to come. The shop fitters will, I am confident about this, soon be able to commence their work building our Bavarian take away shop in Islington. We will of course keep you updated about all developments.


Warmest regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg, CEO, Camden Bratwurst Pillar Limited


*Location *Location *Location *Location




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product continuation

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill – The Coca Cola Festival Can

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering is in the process of securing a new trading spot in Potters Bar for their festival ‚can‘.. of course Bavarian themed. The landlord seeks to have their food stand on his premises on Friday this week. Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s concern is to establish whether or not the Pub in Potters Bar will actually benefit from the ‚luxury‘ of having Rainer’s Bavarian Grill food stand offering traditional Bavarian food & drink such as Schnitzel and Potato salad and beers to their customers. “ It should be of mutual interest. We, for our part, cannot afford a false economy. If a promised crowd don’t come to this pub on a weekend we won’t come either, “  Stefan Schenkelberg explained and added „I have been through a hard school, so I know what I am talking about. We all know the all-famous-saying we don’t want to flog a dead horse.“

„Of course we are most excited about this, yet we are cautious.“ Stefan points out when asked about the future for the can which now looks set to involve a switch from market attendances (as in the past) towards pub and Oktoberfest events.

The market research is running at full speed and everyone of the team is looking forward to a possible re-start of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering in a new setting from the beginning of July at a pub in Potters Bar.

A bit of history to explain their passion for ‚health through innovation‘ without risking to adversely affect the company’s CI:
They call it Identity cascade. This is explained in a four-pillar-strategy approach:

  1. Business continuity: Since Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s Giant Coca Cola Can food stand was established every trading mission was closely tied to their fundamental aims and goals to serve authentic German dishes in the most health conscious way. Their innovative approach has let the company stand out from the common crowd. Coca Cola, in it’s early ages, was tied closely with Germany’s grilled food. Up until today they are known to be advocates of German food (see There are indeed (would you believe?) some commonalities in terms of the ability to continuity and health conscious produce; Coca Cola as a world leading soft drinks manufacturer has developed over time to become innovative as they are constantly developing new products ..not to forget to mention their new lower calorie drink ‚Coca Cola Life‘
  2. Personification:  They are the national street food leader with the Coca Cola branded food stand powered by a passion to invent and an unceasing commitment to advancing the way the world connects where good food and healthy cooking methods are their guarantor to succeed in their endeavors.
  3. Artistic Intelligence: They attempt to highlight the special character of artistic intelligence, which manifests itself in painting and performance as well as in fashion and particularly in cooking. The company’s philosophy is: „Outside dining experience with atmosphere“ and exactly at this point Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s innovative approach has and will continue to be supported.“ This rather programmatic sentence fits in well with the Corporate Identity of their catering stand, in their mission to make possible the experience of fun and food.
  4. Cultural Responsibility: Yet another criterion of their CI. The Bavarian themed set up with the image of Bavarian’s most famous restaurant ‚The Hofbraeuhaus‘; Making good food even better through the right presentation of the culture is what they see as their cultural contribution and the raison d’être of their activities.

Rainer’s Bavarian Grill, the latest edition of it, will be attracting visitors to the Pub and will also be available with its own particular delicacies.

Guten Appetit and of course PROST!

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FREE directory listing

We are not resting on our laurels whilst we wait for funds to become available. „But thankfully, because of our company’s experience and drive to succeed, I’m confident that Gourmet Express Mobile Catering will have a very prosperous second life with the introduction of Rainer’s Bavarian Grill“, said Stefan Schenkelberg, CEO at Camden Bratwurst Pillar Limited.

We are reaching out again. As you are aware we are associated with Stefan is launching his personal campaign on two fronts. The directory pages have been designed by Stefan some 10 years ago in an effort to give small business owners with little or no advertising budget an opportunity to list their businesses free of charge. Quite a number of business took up this offer and we have by now hundreds of companies listed. However, it is not only the listing that matters; any directory must live up to his ranking performances.


This is being looked at at present and Stefan asks you to email him over your details, such as your name, your company, website address and the chosen category. He will then look at your website, look at your meta tags, and place an optimized ad. Before he does this he will get back to ask for your approval.

This is FREE and no strings attached…so get your free listing in the

We only ask you to look at our project and it would be great if you support our crowdfund. It is hoped that you will meet our team at one of the mega festivals or even in our soon-to-be-new Bavarian take away shop. Radical changes of our operational goals were born when our boss was chatting with his late brother Rainer about four weeks before he died. We are now looking to implement these changes; It will be a tribute to him.

We have also instructed a local PR agency to work on a press release. The draft release proposal has already arrived and we expect the final draft for approval shortly.  It will then go out to reach credentialed journalists, bloggers and key media people – locally, nationally and worldwide.

Stefan has now launched a video message in support of the project and we invite you to watch the online video here:  Stefan’s 4-Minutes-Video-Message

WeVideo Stefan's message


I hope that you like our approach of ‚one hand washes the other, and together..they wash the face‘

Rainer's Bavarian Grill