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an apology – webdesign with difficulties

Over the last weekend I broke the single sign on integration, linking important pages of our new state-of-the-art webdesign. It was broken for seven days while I was sick, working on our project for growth and prosperity, and trying to enjoy some portion of Easter holiday family life.

I shouldn’t have pushed for feedback. The response was; I got about 5 emails from my friends on LinkedIN and also Facebook, letting me know how my mistake was impacting users, that is impacting ‚them‘ people reaching out to help us to the success we are seeking.

This morning I read your chapter on how to say you’re sorry. I already knew I needed to apologize, but it helped me to be human about it rather than corporate. Here’s what I sent:

 Over the weekend I attempted to improve the webdesign and ‘bridged’ the broken links. Sadly, I didn’t do it straight away and caused these problems.

Thanks for understanding. Software is hard – I learn something new every day. Unfortunately sometimes I’m learning from my mistakes!

I appreciate the reminder Donald Trump gave me this morning to be myself (I am a great admirer of Donald Trump and have read some books written by him).



Warm regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg,, Business (Web) Development