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unfair to specialized food vendors

Why is one of the London Councils unfair to mobile food businesses?

We re-acted with a petition and we ask you to join us. Go here to access the petition. change logo


menu card
to sell from home?

Stefan Schenkelberg, the owner, disagrees with the treatment he received when he approached the LB of Camden  with a pitch proposal for their food wagon. People often have great difficulty in putting their feet into someone else’s shoes. Stefan points out two issues in an effort to highlight management failures:

  1. PEOPLE ARE NOT TRUSTWORTHY They clearly state: „The procedure to approve a pitch can take up to three weeks.“  It really took them five and a half weeks to come back with the result.
  2. THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND THE NEED FOR DIVERSITY IN THE FOOD OFFERING They reject our food wagon because of what they perceive is our lack of a strong enough menu card. They wanted us to know that we are not wanted. Look, they state: There are spaces on the market but not for you guys.. and they add a kind sentence at the end of their message to the German food stall owner. Something along these lines: „Come back to us for a different market but you have to submit a fresh application.“

How disgusting is this? Imagine, you run a mobile business and you need to have a permanent trading spot  in order to find your customers for your products. Imagine a make or break scenario because you have started with this one unit (you don’t have another unit operating to absorb losses when one unit faces e.g. trading obstacles) you have and you need to safeguard a trading platform from where you can sell all the time.  If you fail for only one day, you lose trade worth one day; it’s really that simple! So for you ‚break or fail‘. It’s all singing and dancing for some; You discuss what you want to do and you receive a verbal agreement. You learn that you have to wait for the decision for up to 3 weeks. „That’s fine“ you think in your, what you later realize, ill-advised positive mind towards others in business. Your positive attitude to believe that people you deal with in authority and management are trustworthy and efficient just like you see yourself suffers yet another setback. Why?  Because you failed to imagine how quickly people/ messed up individuals change. When you talk with them they can be friendly but the minute you leave they turn their back on you and look for the first opportunity to criticize you in a false-hearted manner. People call it back-stabbing. Imagine also, you rely on people’s agreement when you meet with them. Just imagine, you really want to take people you meet serious when they talk business with you. There is this old saying Stefan learnt when he worked as a sales consultant for a company in Wilshire, a firm concerned about quality management: „Say what you do, do what you say and stick to it/ prove that you have done it!“ This is a very powerful saying and unfortunately not many people have this personality attitude  in today’s world of laziness and inefficiency caused most often by lack of motivation and unhappiness in the work place. Worst, they have policies in place and in their mind they think that the organization’s policy is there to be broken.

For the Schenkelberg couple, they need clear directions, no if and buts but yes or no

They offer an innovative concept of healthy food preparation and they are advocates of diversity in the food offering.

They don’t put up with stupidity and they see authority as what it says in the name

We are waiting Mr Mayor for your response: „Allow innovative specialized food wagon to serve the Camden Town Community! Camden Town need diversity in the food offering.

There mustn’t be any room for discrimination against wurst in your department.“

Please support us. May we kindly ask 4 your help? It’s about diversity in the food offering & we need 10k signatures. Can you help? Join us here: CHANGE.ORG PETITION

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Gourmet Express Food

They are not a British burger van type business and they won’t ever be.

Their mission is to bring German food and German culture to England! They call themselves Gourmet Express Mobile Catering and not Gourmet Fast Food Mobile Catering.

People think about fast food when they see a food stall and they measure everything by the same yardstick. For over three years they have been perceived as a fast food stall establishment and people (not them!) tried to position their stall on a level playing field with burger vans serving British food including of course British Gourmet burgers. They were ill-advised!

the stall and people
people’s perception












It’s not working that way.
Certainly, for the Schenkelberg family, this has been a nightmare scenario. Gian Schenkelberg explains this as follows: „We lost business opportunities because people


      • don’t know enough about German cuisine
      • were unable to understand why we charge slightly more than the burger van next door.
      • were unable to understand why we won’t serve them as fast as the fast food vendors, e.g. the burger van business“

Unfortunately for the business couple from North London, German cuisine is not as familiar for the majority of people in England as e.g. Chinese, Italian, Greek cuisine or even Halal food.  It takes them an awful long time to market their food.

This should now all change for the Schenkelberg family. They have redressed their crowd pulling Coca Cola Can Shaped food trailer (see the compiled picture gallery of the new banner as shown below). Their brand name is now most prominently positioned on top of their ‚tin’… they can read in big letters  G O U R M E T  E X P R E S S  M O B I L E  C A T E R I N G. The new banner measures 7.0 meters by 0.80 meters and covers almost a third of the  ‚can‘.



new banner
German Gourmet Express Food