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event in aid of You Raise Me Up

by the admin

Indeed, lots of memories for the owners of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering; Stefan Schenkelberg explains: „The 9th of August 2014 was the day for our ‚can‘ to attend a charity event on a rugby field in East Sussex, just yards away from where we used to live. Nine years ago we left our beloved hometown for five years, the sunshine coast of Eastbourne. As a poverty stricken family seeking prosperity we found our new home in the North of Essex.“  They vowed that they will come back one day and they meant.. in better times. 

event picture A Taste of Eastbourne
A Taste of Eastbourne

The journey to Eastbourne was  reminiscent of the life they lived about 12 years ago. Shortage of fuel for the car due to miscalculation; The difference only was this time that the calculation of the amount of  gallons of fuel  to get them to the venue was a case of inefficiency on the part of the food stall owners (a mild case of inefficiency or medical practitioners may find a terminology to describe it in terms of an illness, something like „Stefan’s bordering inefficiency syndrome“); Would you believe.. the car stopped running 40 yards away from the gates to the venue?  Years ago when their car ran dry  it may well have been the question of how much fuel would be needed to get Stefan  to the hotel to start his shift as a dish washer. When asked about this he said: „I cannot recollect details but know that we have been running dry at numerous occasions and with no pennies in the pocket.“

A Taste of Eastbourne draws in the crowds. Crowds were entertained by acts including Punch-and-Judy shows for the youngest children and a variety of new comer bands where playing on stage (some for their very first time). Above is shown the scene from the event which raised much-needed funds for families that have lost a young adult. A local brewery was present with a stall. An afternoon of clear skies and sunny, warm weather made for ideal conditions.

Throngs of families flocked to the Eastbourne venue for hours of entertainment by a host of bands. An estimated crowd of 500 people attended the FREE fun filled afternoon. In terms of boosting attendance figures and revenue, the Schenkelberg’s felt that the event could have benefited from ticket sales and the food stall operators hope that the organizers will consider this to bump that number up next year.

Jane Brooks, the Chair of You Raise Me Up, told us that they won’t rest on their laurels and more events are already on their agenda for next year. For queries about donations contact the Eastbourne based charity on  01323 482772 or visit their website at

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people power needed

Camden Bratwurst Pillar Limited was born to die early.. Can you help?

by G Schenkelberg

We have decided, following a fruitful meeting Mr Schenkelberg had with Dan, the Market Manager of London Camden’s vibrant markets, to apply for the available pitch at the busy end of the high street as supposed to apply to a pitch on the Inverness Street market. We were told that we need to have a strong proposition that will add value to the market. Camden picture   The proposition we had offered was our food wagon and the marketing strategy to complement our offerings, our thought contribution to boost this excellent market place. Mr Schenkelberg came across this market when he strolled on a Sunday afternoon along the streets to find a toner for their laser printer. He looked around and engaged in conversations with stall holders. Impressed by what we would offer with our extravagant looking food stall people from the market helped him to point him to the people in charge of the markets. John, the guy from one of the stalls @ Inverness Street Market explained to him: „If you don’t get to meet with the manager you won’t stand a chance to get a space here. It’s all about ‚vitamins’… If you know the guy your chances are a lot higher, if you don’t know them your chances are .. well frankly speaking you won’t have chances.“ We now know that there was a problem. A tragic situation occurred  shortly after Mr Schenkelberg submitted the application. Dan, the market manager, was no longer working for the council and there was no immediate point of contact.  What happened? When Mr Schenkelberg hadn’t heard any progress after 21 days (the maximum time to process the applications they have said when they explained the time frame) a phone call was made to try to chase up the application. He was told that Dan is no longer available and the new manager was eager to allow them on to the market. However, he explained that the people need to discuss this further. Another week passed for the Schenkelberg’s with no words from Camden. We tried to express that we have been unsatisfied by the slow procedure. However, it was played down by the people hearing the reason for our objection. Their response was: „Well, it’s holiday in England, things can take longer. I am sorry“ So we understood that the authorities struggle during these times and cause massive backlogs for themselves. Eventually we received word from the council. In an email addressed to Mr Schenkelberg they wrote, I quote: „I am afraid you application has been rejected. It was felt that your menu and supporting information was not strong enough.“ The Schenkelberg’s are devastated. For them it was a YES the minute when they saw the market and its potential. The Schenkelberg couple now looks at ways to re-approach the Camden market and requests for your support should you have any contacts or connections in Camden. The market lacks of German vendors we have been told and it looks as if the couple have the concept and determination to make it work …

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Size matters..

The can shaped food wagon is now about to move into busy territory. It will be a major step for us but we are also aware that when we choose to tap into busy events and markets we are looking at sometimes cramped events in terms of pitch spaces available.

A food wagon in the shape of a cube; Our food wagon is very small compared to the usual sized food wagons. It’s only 7.8 ft long and we don’t have the towing frame to add to the length.

measurements of the can

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Anticipation is running high about the prospect of having a pitch at one of the most prominent locations in London for our crowd pulling Giant Can.


Our pastry and confectionery product section for the mobile coffee shop will be nicely complemented by the addition of the very finest of traditionally baked German pretzels.

salty pretzel


People in Germany love Laugenbretzel, perfectly shaped salty pretzels…just masterfully grafted confectionery i.e, mouthwateringly yummy

Surely, the unique Ditsch recipe will make the soft pretzel the highlight of our range of home-made pastry and confectionery products.

Guten Appetit!






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Obituary | Willi Spang

Gourmet Express Mobile Catering has lost a great advocate of German food in England. Willi Spang, up until just a few years ago acting Senior Boss at his own company, Westerwaelder Blumentopffabrik Spang GmbH & Co KG, a worldwide known corporation supplying pottery products to wholesales and garden centres, has passed away. Willi was a close friend and also a distant uncle to the founder of the food stall….