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FIVE WEEKS ON IN A NEW HOME.. the business couple is plugging away..

Week five in their new home, still lots of the groundwork has or is taking place. The owners, Regina and Stefan Schenkelberg, have a lot to deal with before their iconic food wagon becomes re-established.

Making changes to Gourmet Express Mobile Catering; to re-generate it is not going to happen overnight. There are lots of issues based around the licensing, venue requirements and general operations of the  ‚can‘. However, the business couple is currently working together with the licensing authorities, London’s market officials and other parties to get these matters sorted once and for all. Thereafter they hope to pave  the way for their ‚can‘ to become a much more profitable venture in the future.

„We are not resting on our laurels but have already served customers in local and surrounding Greater London areas such as Borehamwood and Barnet,“ junior manager Gian Schenkelberg pointed out when being asked about the state of affairs. And he added:

Barnet farmers market pic
Barnet farmers market

‚We currently attend smaller markets to have a feeling for the potential and to save up the funds needed to get into large markets.

People of small local industrial areas such as the  Cranborne Industrial Estate in Potters Bar, just off the M25, have had the opportunity to them operating; well, they came to sample their food and they loved the ‚Currywurst‘

„Operating in a niche market often requires a long period of trial and error but we are slowly moving ahead. London is a very exciting place to be and we found that there is good demand for German food.“ Stefan answered when asked about their plans to find a more permanent trading spot.

Their experience to secure business on the industrial estate ended in despair after just two days when they were told by the management of a warehouse that they can not continue trading  in front of their

cranborne industrial estate pic
cranborne industrial estate

company gates. No explanation was offered to them. The warehouse supervisor first agreed to allow them to serve customers in front of their building and then found himself overruled when the management withdrew from the agreement.  „I have the feeling that what they saw when they looked at our ‚can‘  is a food wagon offering unfamiliar food items.“ Stefan explained. „Instead of taking advantage of the discount offered to them in return to their kindness and giving German food a try it seems obvious that they (the company) chose to take the cheap minded option of not wanting to give a newcomer a chance.“ Gian Schenkelberg added.

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  1. Sounds like you enjoyed it as much as I did dinrug my visit back in June. One sausage I didnt take to, that my hosts raved about, were little white ones (I forget the name). It was the texture that put me off and I LOVE blakc pudding and sausages in general!

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