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traditional Bratwurst classic style

Here we are. having spent almost 30 months of service and our Bratwurst emerged to be the top favorite food we offered. It’s the plain sausage they are looking for, but the sausage has to have the distinctive taste, the spicy taste of a sizzling German Bratwurst. It has for this reason become unthinkable for us to go out serving with

picture of Bratwurst menu delight
Bratwurst and roast potatoes with Sauerkraut, onions and mustard

the ‚coke can‘ without the famous pork delight onboard.

This week we have our
„Week of Specials“Get yourself the Bratwurst classic style meal for only £4.50! and best of all, we don’t charge for delivery if you live in Braintree.



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  1. Yessir, it is a German heritage. People eat about 850 mililons of currywurst there while we have 80 mililons of Germans. This haute cuisine is so important, that you can find a museum about it in Berlin and I really wrote a book about Currywurst the one and only :-)btw: I liked this blog entry very much! tx

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