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Any idea of the choice of food for Christmas?

It’s only 89 days left til Xmas. Time to think about how you treat yourself during the festivities. Well what about this? „From my early childhood this was one of the dishes we enjoyed most, the knuckle of pork .“ words from Stefan Schenkelberg,  founder of Gourmet Express M C.  We have a treat for you; for £5.80 you will get the cooked knuckle of pork (Schweinshaxe) with chips and sauerkraut:

picture of pork knuckle meal To pre-order, go here: Please leave the product fields empty for this meal.

Guten Appetit!


Stefan Schenkelberg



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traditional Bratwurst classic style

Here we are. having spent almost 30 months of service and our Bratwurst emerged to be the top favorite food we offered. It’s the plain sausage they are looking for, but the sausage has to have the distinctive taste, the spicy taste of a sizzling German Bratwurst. It has for this reason become unthinkable for us to go out serving with

picture of Bratwurst menu delight
Bratwurst and roast potatoes with Sauerkraut, onions and mustard

the ‚coke can‘ without the famous pork delight onboard.

This week we have our
„Week of Specials“Get yourself the Bratwurst classic style meal for only £4.50! and best of all, we don’t charge for delivery if you live in Braintree.



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caught between a rock and a hard place

As you recall the Giant Coke Can was eliminated from the market in Chesham and they submitted a petition opposing the as they called it discriminatory treatment against German food culture brought on to the market. The petition was declared victory when just about 50 businessmen and -women from Chesham had signed in support of the Giant Coke Can on the market and the market manager informed them of their intent to reconsider their presence.

The market cooperatives have not responded as they promised to do to the hardworking business couple’s request to consider their food stall to be reinstated on to the market and they felt they had to instruct DOUGLAS V. KINGSLEY, a party wall surveyer (, one of their loyal customers, to help communicating issues in an effort to hopefully initiate a basis for fair negotiations and mutual acceptable terms. Douglas informed the couple this morning that he failed getting them to any negotiation table because the majority of members of Chesham’s market cooperatives felt that the current state of their food truck in terms of the aesthetic needs improving. The food truck requires in their mind to be smartened up. When asked about their wish to come back to trade once relocated  to London in their desperate attempt to build up business Danny Wadmore, the market manager, simply replied that even if Mr.and Mrs. Schenkelberg would improve the trailer to satisfy their minds  Gourmet Express M C would not be given any guarantee that they will be allowed to take their food truck back on the market. The petition they had submitted did not go well with the market cooperatives Douglas was told and a number of their committee members were apparently quite upset about it.

one year on, food truck developed
food truck

For those of you who haven’t read about the full story:

For the last eight months Gourmet Express Mobile Catering has been trading in Chesham/ Buckinghamshire, a little town with a population of over 15.000. Chesham has a strong multi-cultural society and easy access to the metropolitan area of London; It is served by the Metropolitan line and is the terminus and only station on the Chesham branch, which runs from Chalfont & Latimer. The station is in London fare Zone 9 (previously zone D).

CheshamMarketplaceFormerly run by Wendy Fairs the market is currently run by market cooperatives appointed by Chiltern District Council.

Seen as the effects of the recession Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s trade results have suffered on the layby and it was anonymously decided by the owner couple that a rescue package was needed. The mission was simple and in the words by Stefan Schenkelberg easy to be understood: „We need to focus away from trading spots on a motorway towards trading possibilities  in town centres and attending racing sport and carnival events.“ Chesham was chosen as a stepping stone to generate income and to finally break away from Social Security.

Their main goal was to break even within a year. This is to be achieved by diversifying services offering pastries in addition to fast food  in the third quarter of this year and a move towards London. They were paving the way to achieve these objectives and just on the day when they informed the market management of their relocation towards London they were told to leave.

Supported by the Mayor of Chesham, Cllr. Mark Shaw, the couple will shortly be looking for a new pitch outside the market area of Chesham.

Stefan is also hopeful that a local business in St Albans will see the benefit of having a permanent, quality food supplier on their premises. The couple can be contacted by email via their website.

Stefan is confident that the move will remove barriers of a low food and hygiene rating when taking out new premises. „Our Giant Coke Can will strive to achieve a 5 Star food & hygiene rating from the Environmental Health Agency.“ he said.


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affording us a sabbatical break before our big move to London….

Running a business can be stressful no matter how good or bad you perform.  We at Gourmet Express Mobile Catering feel we need to re-energize with a new view and new environment. We have unusual good products for a street food provider but we are missing more of the crowds. We had good queues, sometimes even much too long for our small food truck. Check this out CocaCola

crowds at the 'Can'
crowds, Coke Can food, gourmet food
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Chesham trade – still not resolved

First of all, may I take the opportunity to thank the many people that have offered support in getting us back on to trade in Chesham/Bucks, one of the objections when we decided to relocate with our business close to Chesham and away from our current location in Essex, a location for our business since it was established back in April 2011. This issue has now become urgent and we need the answers since our move to Potters Bar was finalized and the contracts have been signed.

We are still fighting.. on two fronts I should say! The Chiltern District Council was asked to assist with a full investigation into the matter and I keep in touch with Danny, the market manager who offered to bring up the subject of  our kitchen to be reinstated on the market  at the next committee meeting.

The signing of the petition was meant for us to resolve the issue so we could continue selling in the market place and I am afraid, so far no satisfying answers. I am currently following up with the communication received by the market managers, the last message we sent was simple; here it goes:  „Hi Danny, thank you for your message of 16th August 2013. We would be grateful to know whether there is any further progress regarding our trading pitch. Thank you. “

I will keep you updated. Please continue to check our blog posts.

Stefan Schenkelberg, founder

recent pictures and video from the event in Southend-on-Sea, click here