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Air-frying technology, a make or break for the food industry

‚The technology to improve health and wellbeing is there: Use it or do something else‘ Stefan Schenkelberg said.

„a stern warning to restaurants and chip shop owners by the owner of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering“

picture of air fryer machine

A gadget, used in their kitchen, that uses super-fast air to make perfect chips without any oil.

When it first became introduced to the market, about 3 years ago, it sounded like a lot of hot air, it’s now proven reality ..because it is.

Philips has invented a frying machine that it claimed gives you that same satisfying fatty taste – but without the oil.

For now over two years Gourmet Express Mobile Catering uses this gadget to serve (and to have served thousands of satisfied customers) customers and they all are full of praise of the new exclusive new technology once they have tasted the food.

We feel it is about time to explain the technology a bit more. The AirFryer uses Rapid Air Technology, hot air in other words, to cook the kind of meals that would traditionally be dunked in a deep fat fryer.

By circulating air up to 200C around foods like chips, sausages or schnitzel, Philips has proven that they have invented the right equipment that is able to brown them off nicely with up to 80 per cent less fat and not sacrificing the taste.

The AirFryer looks quite the opposite of a bulky deep frying machine for commercial caterers, it looks like a large rice cooker and has a chunky tray which can be removed, filled with food and put back inside.

Twelve minutes later the meal emerges hot and crisp and, as a proven fact, far healthier for our customers.

It produces a brown and crispy finish – and cuts the calories – in everything from schnitzel/ pork loin pieces to scampi.

A batch of handmade chips would need just half a spoonful of oil and will take 12 minutes to cook. We use oven ready fries and we cook them to a crisp in just nine minutes. Hamburgers (we call them Frikadelle), Bratwurst or Schnitzel are dealt with in similar times.

The device uses a grill and a fan to blast very hot air around food at high speeds. This achieves what scientists call the Maillard effect, the browning and crisping process seen when food is fried, roasted, toasted or even baked.

Because fries are so popular, they are responsible for Britons consuming 240,000 kilos of hidden fat every year according to research conducted by Philips.

Our AirFryer has helped cut this figure, and allows customers to enjoy their favourite meals with a clean conscience.

The device is a perfect solution for those nervously using traditional chip pans, which are notorious for being the cause of major fires in chip shops throughout the country. More than 50 people die in the UK alone due to chip pan fires.

About two years ago, Rob Dobson, the commissioner of London Fire Brigade, which had just launched its Cooksafe campaign about the danger of chip pans, said, we quote: „Any gadget that reduces the number of people cooking with lots of hot oil is a good thing.“

Crucially, it tastes most satisfying and that has proven to be a fact.

It also has an air filter so, no matter how much like fried food it tastes like, our kitchen won’t give off smell like a chip shop.

Airfryer technology, advanced solutions that help contribute to people’s health and well-being, ‚Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s owner Stefan Schenkelberg said.

„The technologies we use live up to that promise by helping people live a healthy life. Healthy cooked food should be the way forward to any food conscious thinking establishment including the small family owned fish shop ‚around the corner‘ in this country. I believe we have in our early years on the market already proven to be an encouragement for the catering industry in general to improve ‚their act‘; the technology is available, if they don’t use it they should do something else: it’s the health and wellbeing of customer at stake and every caterer must use their authority to make an impact.“

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Have you got an event to offer?

It is this time of the year. People like to celebrate on the street. They need entertainment and good food and they need us when it comes to good and healthy cooked food:

I have prepared a little presentation of pictures all about our Giant Coca Cola Can kitchen:

1. Coggeshall Carnival – click here
2. Horsley Cross Car boot sales – check it out here
3. Chesham, the quite market towns – our set up, click here

more to view, if you fancy:
4. Advertising a navigational ralley in Braintree –
5. Christmas Eve – A visit from Santa Claus –
6. Fun at Braintree Carnival procession –
7. the take away menu – (we only do take away occassional, hasn’t worked out on a layby for us)
8. Advertising The Giant Coke Can coming to Jubilee Bank Holiday celebration in Braintree –
9. A crowd pulling event and great fun – Jubilee Bank Holiday last year –
10. Nightfall at the layby, in harsh weather condition /freezing temperatures –

We have a joint venture with the VIP Business Directory providing over 350 categories to get your business listed. You might want to check this out:

See you at your next event.

Kind regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg
founder of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering and VIP Business Directory

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controversial dismissal from the market in Chesham with some positive news

Last week, Gourmet Express Mobile Catering’s Giant Coca Cola Can German food kitchen was sent home by market managers in Chesham. We had not been given full details of the reason and felt to be discriminated against.

We petitioned the market cooperatives and can announce some positive news today. Supported by over 50 signatures and a message of cooperation received by Danny Wadmore, the man in charge of Chesham market cooperatives who responded late on Saturday evening, the petition was today declared a victory.

We have asked for a full and unconditional reinstatement of our food truck on the market and are now in a position to ask Danny and Chiltern District Council for mutual acceptable terms to return as a casual trader to the high street.  Certain stipulations need to be followed through by us but we have decided not to continue to declare war to the Chesham market management and are prepared to compromise on terms even if they may not been achievable instantly.

I like to thank you for your support

thankyoupicIt has been an exhausting time for our family but we have met support by so many people. We feel good to know that people really care in this country when someone is in difficulty and I must say that the people here in Buckinghamshire are people with heart and emotion.

As to the further development I cannot say anything apart from the fact that we seek a face to face meeting with all participants in the dispute and I am confident that we will have a compromised outcome beneficial for both parties of the argument.

In my relaxation time and I feel I had reasons to keep myself relaxed and calm I have done a bit of research why certain people react differently to controversial topics and I have formulated something which I will post here for everybody to read:

Different opponents from both sides get to air their views and the debate can encourage conversation.

Most often, however, controversy also generates discomfort. Did you ever try to talk about abortion at a crowded get together? I would think you didn’t. Plainly speaking it’s just uncomfortable to discuss. Especially if the persons you have these conversations with don’t know you from A, you don’t want to offend them. People’s main concern is to know if you care what others think of them, so they may avoid talking about highly controversial topics to avoid rubbing others the wrong way.

Does this have an impact at all on controversy and conversation? Well, I read about some research. They found out that some controversy boosts buzz, but too much reduces buzz. Can you see this as a little billboard that looks like Hitler if you squint the right way? If you stay moderate with controversial issues you are likely to meet people interesting to discuss. Partial fox hunt ban or open carrying gun laws? Highly controversial and less likely to be at ease with a discussion.

Who people are talking to might be important to engage into any such discussion. Friends know us pretty well therefore we’re often quite comfortable discussing controversial topics with them. We’re not getting judged solely based on that one conversation. Even if it goes a little rocky or over the top, they still will stick with us.

But, controversial or not, a honest debate shouldn’t mean discomfort to people. We often need discussions to find out about different view points and to come up with ways to tackle certain issues in life.


With warm regards,

Stefan Schenkelberg