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„Sometimes you fall flat on your face“ Bad weather ended last weeks‘ trade without good results.

bad weather on layby One of those days. You never know. It’s a gamble and it’s up to you whether you take it or not.. We did and we paid the price. But today, another story… blue sky 25c Celsius/ beach weather Well, I am sitting in my garden with a bottle of cider, ice-cooled and my good wife and head of the operation prepares a nice dinner for the family ….. just relaxing   SEE YOU OUT THERE .. on the layby #A131, tomorrow

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Thuringer Bratwurst – German street food with a twist


BratwurstBratwurst must be one of the simpler snacks available, finest beef or pork sausages grilled, and definitely one of the favorite German street food items. Much depends on how they are served. We wouldn’t want to serve a raw Bratwurst, not to the Brits! Well, the most common type of Bratwurst is the pre-cooked kind. Their shelf-life is longer and they are easier and faster to grill. They are pale and stiff in appearance. These Bratwurst are fully cooked. We simply brown them in our airfryer and they are finished and ready to be eaten.




There has been a trend throughout the world, to tap back into our nations’ gritty, basic street food culture and feature these loved foods, using exceptionally high quality produce in a modern setting (of course with WIFI).

In London, we have the Bavarian Beerhouse, a German restaurant and bar that serves German cuisine using a range of high quality meats such as beef, lamb and even chicken, e.g. roasted chicken served with potato salad or Bockwurst sausages, served with potato salad and mustard.

Bavarian Beerhouseyes, that’s me on this picture, enjoying roasted Chicken

Purists, and lovers of the Indian tandoori or Piri Piri may wince, but there is a market, and a need to enjoy the comfort foods of our youth..while at the same time tapping into free access to the innerwebs.

I think sometimes tourists need to preserve a sense of our guidebook understanding and expectations of a place.

While I think street restaurants like Bavarian Beerhouse go a long way in preserving food culture by keeping up with current market needs, there’s a lot to be said about a Currywurst, hot off the grill, eaten on the street corner under a lampost with smudged lipstick and your hair smelling of cigarette smoke from the bar… but often the unknown fast food delicatess in England I must admit.

You will note that the big American fast food franchises are not majorly supported in Germany. “Why would we, when we eat so good?” said a lady teacher when I chatted to her about German food.


Article by Stefan Schenkelberg, founder of Gourmet Express M C