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The Giant Can Once Again Stood Out As A Massive Attraction In Wembley

What a brilliant and memorable event that was on Saturday, November the 4th, 2017.

Bonfire Night; The ‚can‘ was opening it’s doors for only 3 hours to perform and the crowds seem to have never ended in front of their serving latch. The quality of their meat was, as always, outstanding and people have realized this over the last three months since they joined Wembley Park. But, it’s the home-made currywurst sauce that has become a signature item at Rainer’s Bavarian Grill.  A really yummy sauce with a spicy kick – very palatable.

Some people stood in the queue for over an hour to get their bratwurst in a roll.

in pictures - a masterclass selection of Bavarian food

Who can possibly resist their meatloaf in a roll or e.g. their bratwurst topped up with fried onions and brushed with mustard?

masterclass cake

a master piece of cake – produced by their in-house master baker

Come to join them in Wembley before people get jealous about them. They truly love what they doing especially the taste buds spoiling on the square!

Please note the times from our website or, if in any doubt, check their tweets. Their twitter account is almost boiling over.. just short of  20,000 followers give them the thumb up!

Check this out: Latest video entitled „Wembley Park for Quality Caterers

management pic

fully licensed and optimized
fully licensed and optimized